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Basilica di San Petronio | XX - Chapel of St. Ambrose
The name of the chapel of St. Ambrose comes from the parish church of the town hall and was cut down to allow the construction of the Petronian basilica.
XX - Chapel of St. Ambrose, saint petronio, bologna


XX. Chapel of St. Ambrose


This chapel was owned by the Marsigli family. The name derives from the parish church’s that stood at the ancient Municipality palace and was cut down to make room for the Petronian Basilica.


Above the altar there is a polyptych made in fresco, a Lombard work ascribable to Jacopo di Cristoforo Moretti (c.1474). It depicts St. Ambrogio, two Saints warriors (perhaps Procolo and Floriano), the “Pietà”, the “ Annunciazione”, and the resurrection in the central spire.

The fresco was rediscovered in the early 20th century during the restoration work. It was recently torn and under which a sinopia was discovered. The latter was transported later to the “Pinacoteca Nazionale” (a second sinopia was redistributed, is located at the church of San Severino).


The red velvet, cut, with a gold background is of the sixteenth century, while the rose window with the figure of St. Ambrosio dates back to the late fifteenth century and is to a master next to Lorenzo Costa.

The side walls of the chapel show two memories: from Cesare Marsili (1683) to the left and, on the other side, that of Cornelio Marsili (1543) with the Formigianesque big console.


On the pillar of the central nave there is a fresco depicting Sant’Antonio abate with the bidder, attributable to a master similar to Pietro Lianori, maybe Benedetto Boccadilupo (circa 1393).

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