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Basilica di San Petronio | Art City White Night in San Petronio
A sold out night for the Basilica of San Petronio in Bologna on Saturday 28 of January. Were welcomed so many tourists and Bologna's citizens themselves.
Art City White Night white night bologna



A sold out night for the Basilica of San Petronio in Bologna. Art City White Night back on Saturday 28th January. A white night of culture organized in occasion of Arte Fiera. With a lots of night events on the agenda.

This extraordinary date allowed to citizens and tourists to visit and admire museums and monuments usually closed on evening.


As the last year San Petronio, the main symbol of Bologna, participated at Art City White Night event like the other monuments.

During the Edition 2016 of Art City White Night took place the inauguration of the Basilica’s renovation crowdfunding campaign. This year the same event marked the closure of the project launched by the Association Succede Solo a Bologna with the support of “Amici di San Petronio”. In just twelve months the crowdfunding campaign gathered 206.165 euro for the Basilica’s restoration works.


San Petronio remained open extraordinarly until midnight where it was possible to see the longest meridian line in the whole world, the relics of Napoleon’s sister, the four crosses which, according to legend, were put by Saint Ambrogio in the four corners of the city to protect it from harm.


To those who were interested about Basilica’s history, knowing all its secrets, three guided tours were made available.

Closely to Piazza Maggiore, you could get to the San Petronio’s Bell Tower, this place, which is open to the public only on a few occasions, is still the seat, since 1912, of Unione Campanari Bolognesi, were open for the “Human Capital” photographic exhibition by Arianna Totaro.

As protagonists of an exhibition that attracted more than 1,000 visitors you could find the workers, who daily animated the city for a day. Around 160 photos of as many professions, were published along three floors of the Tower.

Art city white night