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Basilica di San Petronio | Andrea da Faenza
In the documents of the time, he was appointed of the order of the Servants, Andrea da Faenza, he would supervise the work of building the basilica.





In 1390 the plan of construction of the basilica was coming alive: the fundraising had begun, the first expropriations of the neighborhood, where the building would have risen, had begun and an architect had been appointed: Antonio di Vincenzo. However, in the documents, written in Latin, a certain friar named Andrea, of the Servi order was appointed to supervise the works, with veto rights and approval over them.


The friar of the Servi order in question is Andrea Da Faenza, a man trusted by the popular government, although he was also devoted to the papal state. But, most important of all, he was an architecture expert, having already collaborated in the construction of some churches of his order, including Santa Maria dei Servi in Bologna.


There has been a long discussion about the actual role of the friar in the project. His contribution can probably be divided into three phases: Antonio di Vincenzo made a first drawing, Andrea da Faenza contributed with advice, also technical, in the transition from design to model and finally Vincenzo added some improvements in the implementation phase. The relationship between the two was of great esteem and collaboration: in fact Andrea da Faenza met himself the manufacturers to praise the architect’s model, a more beautiful result than expected and therefore worthy of greater pay.


Unfortunately Andrea Da Faenza died in 1396, followed a few years later, in 1402, by Antonio di Vincenzo, not seeing their project accomplished.