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Basilica di San Petronio | XIII Chapel of Saint Peter Martyr
In the Chapel of Saint Peter Martyr you can admire the altarpiece representing the Madonna with the Child in glory, painted by Passerotti in 1580.
Chapel of Saint Peter Martyr, saint petronio, bologna


XIII. Chapel of Saint Peter Martyr


This chapel, already of Società dei Macellai (Butchers Society), has a Tuscan-ish marble transenna, with ornated cherub heads carved (late fifteenth century) by Francesco di Simone Ferrucci from Fiesole.


The splendid Altarpiece depicts: on the foreground the Virgin with the Child in glory among the saints Petronio (which symbolises allegorically Bologna) and Domenico and On the background, the martyrdom of St. Petronio da Verona, of the Dominican order.


The impressive artwork has opposing artistic Tusco-Emilian tendencies was painted by Bartolomeo Passerotti around 1580.


The left side of the chapel is occupied by the gigantic canvas painted by Francesco Brizio around 1617 and depicts the Madonna del Borgo di San Pietro coronation, a Marian image of which the Bolognese butchers were particularly devoted to.


In the wall below are painted the “arte dei Baccai” crest and twenty-one coat of arms of the men who formed the corporation Council 1613.

The right wall shows a large fresco by Francesco Brizio, representing the propitiatory procession with the Madonna del Borgo icon, also called “del Soccorso”.


At the pylon between the XIIIth and the XIVth chapel there is the Romanesque Cross of the Saints, also known as S.Martino or Porta Procula.

The High-Middle-Age Cross is adorned with acanthus branches, which are stylized in geometric symmetries.

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