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Basilica di San Petronio | IX. Chapel of St. Michael the Archangel
In the chapel of St. Michael the Archangel, there is the 1582 painting by Donato Creti representing "the Archangel Michael overwhelming the Demon".
chapel of st. Michael the Archangel, saint petronio, bologna


IX. Chapel of St. Michael


It belonged to the Barbazzi family, then to the Manzoli, and finally to the Zucchini.

On the altar there is “Saint Michael overwhelming the Demon”, painted on canvas, signed by Denys Calvaert, or Donato Creti, a native Flemish painter, but adopted as Bolognese, and dated 1582.

The painting is important not only for its execution preciousness, but also for the iconographic solution that, through the reenactment made by Reni in the painting of a similar subject performed for the Cappuccini church in Rome, will become a mandatory model for all the following painters.


The bust, on the left, in terracotta depicting Andrea Barbazza is by Vincenzo Onofri (1479). The other marble bust to the right, represents Giovanni Romeo Barbazzi (1580) and is an unknown author.


Noteworthy is also the polycarbonate sculpture of the seventeenth century, attributed to Antonio Piffaro.

The window was reopened during the restorations of 1896 and the old stained-glass windows remain today only the windows of the rosette (San Michele Arcangelo) and the two smaller eyes (L’Annunciazione) attributable to an unknown master related to Lorenzo Costa (late 15th century).


The iron erase was carried out in 1482, it is noted for its transparency and was restored in 1899 by A. Tartarini.

On the pylon between the ninth and the tenth chapel lies the memory of the University within a rich ornate, carved in 1510 by Antonio Marsilio.


In front of the pylon lies the second of the four medieval crosses transported here in 1798, that of the Virgin or San Daminano or the Casali, previously placed at the intersection between the streets Farini and Castiglione and distinguished by its interlaced decoration less regular and less engraved plants (X sec.).

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