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Basilica di San Petronio | Artemio Versari Collection

Artemio Versari Collection


Artemio Versari


Artemio Versari, born in Cesena, graduated in double bass at the G.B. Martini of Bologna. He worked for a few years as a freelancer in the best Italian symphonic lyric orchestras, including that of the RAI of Turin. After having obtained some eligibility and winning several competitions including the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Carlo Felice of Genoa, he moved to Bologna where he won the competition of the first Contrabass of the “Teatro Comunale” orchestra, a place he occupied for about thirty years.


Simultaneously to the carrier of a professor of orchestra he has also practiced for a long time that of a double-bass teacher at the Pollini Conservatory of Padua, later at the G.B. Martini of Bologna.


Since he was a boy he grew with passion his interest in lutes becoming a connoisseur and profound expert of the subject at a national and international level. He also became an authoritative point of reference for musicians, collectors and fans in general, with whom he maintains esteem and friendship relations. offering free estimates, consultancies and expertises for their instruments.


He is Author of a book on stringed instruments of the Emilia Romagna area, within which you can admire a large and significant number of instruments that narrate the complex reality of Emilia’s and Romagna’s lutists and the artistic and stylistic paths of well-known and lesser-known personalities. He is also the author of two exhibition catalogs: “Tre secoli di liuteria Italiana” and “La famiglia Guarnieri e le copie del novecento italiano”.

Owner of an important collection of instruments: violins, violas, cellos and double basses, and above all modern ones, the result of decades of passionate research that today places him at the top of European collectors. Currently he is involved in the subject regarding stringed instruments as a historian, collector, organizer and curator of exhibitions.

Artemio Versari Collection


The exhibition of the Versari collection is over.


Over eighty instruments, including violins and violas, have been exhibited in the St. Petronio’s Basilica thanks to Artemio Versari, one of the most famous and appreciated collectors of stringed instruments in the Italian and European music world. THis was made possible thanks to the commitment of Francesco Mauro and with the collaboration of the “Amici di San Petronio” campaign.


Some of these instruments have been used in the past by the Musical Chapel musicians and others come from the permanent exhibition of the church of San Maurizio in Venice.

Collezione Versari

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