Loving My Stepfather - Part Two

my thighs and got to work. She kissed my inner thighs and her tongue explored the inner folds of my pussy lips. She seemed very skilled and she knew what she was doing. Her tongue swirled in circles over my clitoris and her hungry mouth began to tongue fuck me deep up my cunt. The sensations were driving me wild. I did not make any noise out

Memoirs of a Bisexual: Chapter 10 - Cumming Full Circle

to workout?" which was her favorite. I darted out of my apartment. Ran down the stairs and I was at Felecia's door in about ten seconds. I gave a "secret knock" on the door letting her know it was me. She told me to come in. I walked in the door closed it behind me. Felecia was on the couch with her legs spread, rubbing her pussy. She was wearing

Elizabeth To Beth-Chapter 3

about,” he said, letting go of my wrist, “And Stanley or Stan will do. I’ll not stand on formalities with someone who will soon be family and this is a social visit. Do you have any good Irish whiskey about?” It’s freezing out here……”“So let me get this straight, Richard, it was your idea to have Christmas now?” Stanley asked my big

Wine Tasting in Paso Robles

have found it makes for a relaxing and fun day. We stopped at one of the wineries on the main highway for my wife to buy a bottle that she really likes and of course taste some new wines. Two bottles later, we headed off the main road toward the hidden wineries. The second winery we stopped at is one we’ve been to before. She bought two more

A Chance Encounter - The Rematch

around her waist with a woman licking her pussy in a gentle and loving way and a chap that was kissing her and fondling her breasts through her blouse.“A bit early”, I said.“Really…”, replied Sarah.We wandered through to where the dark room was.“What‘s this place?”, asked Sarah.I looked at her about to explain and I thought no, why not let her

Variation On A Theme Of Human Attraction

cameras everywhere, and sometimes we need to refer to recording of certain decisions that remade during conference time.’ ‘I eventually found some words and apologised and hoped it would not mean bad tidings for her secretary.’ ‘I like your choice of words Scott. I depend wholly on Pauline who is very loyal and always there for me.’ I wondered at

Journal of Desire Ch. 03

All the motions were there. But the man lacked the spark that made a woman tingle from the base of her spine to the strands of her hair. Huey Lewis was an expert in the financial world. In the sack? He was a poor country bumpkin. That was the eternal dilemma. You could tell a lot about a man by the way he fucked. But you couldn’t find out

Cristina’s Re-birth

then lifted her head and lightly kissed my cheek. Her lips on my skin were more electric than any moment of my life. That was the instance the lights dimmed and brightened to announce the closing of the lounge for the evening. Why now? I removed my arm from Christina’s shoulder and slowly stood. When I offered my hand it was readily accepted. As

Acts of Infidelity - Becky and David

I thought about it, the less terrible the idea began to feel.The truth was that the period of near-monogamy that had apparently just ended had been the exception rather than the norm in our relationship. We had got together through promiscuity, had slept with other people before our marriage and had deliberately taken no vows of fidelity during

Senior Trip

he spread my legs open."Beautiful wet pussy," he said as he kissed my thigh moving into my pussy yet again.Why was he teasing me. This was almost too much. "You want me to kiss your pussy, don't you" he half grinned at me, "You want me to taste that wet pussy."I moaned softly letting him know that I wanted all that and so much more. He leaned in

two at once

head with a chair. He breathed in hard- he had to calm down before he did something stupid. He watched as Jake was obviously in heaven- his eyes closed and hands gripping Jenna’s hips as she slowly moved on top of him. Matty was angry and jealous, he knew how it felt to be inside of her, but he suddenly realized that he was also very hard from

My Asian Domination pt.3: a change in my life

same. boring white walls, purple and green bed set, lams to match, my computer, and even my closet was the same. i laid on my bed thinking of the times when me and sky actually used to be in love. i know i shouldn't be but i couldn't help it. my mother and her boyfriend are arguing. i hear a loud thump so i go to the room. she's laying on the

Bisexual Relationships, Part Two

groan in pure pleasure. I tongue-fucked her, and used my hands to rub her clitoris and asshole. She seemed to be worried and slightly scared when I first rubbed her ass, but she warmed up to the idea. FUUUUUCKKKK MEEEEEEEE!!!!! She screamed. Its a good thing her parents arent home, but I was still concerned about the neighbors. Out of all of

Wife Willingly Services Friends

everyone else told him to piss off too. They wanted to be in his place I am sure but were real gentlemen and hid it pretty well. Todd got up and walked out. We resumed the game but I kept my eyes out on the deck and I saw him go in the tub in his boxers. My wife smiled at him and they had a salute and drank their drinks. After a few hands Jim


as the final siren sounded. From four points down we won by two points. There was pandemonium, the grand stands erupted and I was so relieved. I bent, hands on my knees, to gather breath. My team mates were first as they slapped my back, lifted me to their shoulders and shouted their jubilation. The coaching staff and media were next, and added

Bianca the Bimbo Ch. 01

do. Bianca strutted into the mall, swaying her hips as much as possible, trying to get everyone’s eyes focused directly on her ass. She walked over to a shop selling lots of slutty goods. She tottered round in her heels, grabbing anything that appealed to her, short skirts, tight pink tank tops, slutty dresses, she then went into the back, where

All in one

suddenly said that the fun is going to start now. She could see the bulge of my hardened cock over my pants zipper, and without hesitation, she started a rub. I started to extend fully, a full 8” and I instantly knew that she was about to go down on me. She unzipped my pants, loosened the top and slid the trousers down. I was now naked from the

Melanie Ch. 01

space. I’m Melanie. – Hello Melanie. I’m Sandy, from Scotland. – I’d never have worked that out. I’m Australian, but excuse me for now, I don’t want to be rude to Igor here. She smiled again and returned to her conversation. He ate and sipped wine alone in silence for a while, but his eyes were constantly drawn back to Melanie. There was

Her Gentle Man

I softly kiss her neck and shoulders with feather like touches of my lips. My hands stroke down across her stomach and stop at the button of her slacks. I twist the button open and lower the zipper. Putting my hands inside the waist of her slacks causes them to fall to the floor. I go down on one knee and gently lift one leg then the other until

Finding Home: In The Beginning

borders, but those who preferred to use chaos to their own advantage always seemed to be able to block those efforts. Eventually hostilities increased as they inevitably do, and one Family attacked another Family so viciously that the second Family was almost annihilated. The other seven Families were shocked into reality and together they

Birthday Surprise

wine to toast Adam's birthday. All in all it was a very enjoyable evening. One fitting a very low key birthday celebration. "Time for your birthday present!" Kevia said. Pulling Adam to his feet and towards the bedroom. "Carrie's still here." Adam said. "Just hush and do as you’re told." Kevia said with a sly smile on her face. Not wanting to

Wendy’s Weekend

black shawl over my shoulders and an expensively finished hairstyle and I felt fantastic. I couldn’t wait for my husband to arrive and see me at my very best. But as I stood waiting, I felt a buzzing from my handbag. I opened it to find my phone ringing and the words ‘Jamie mobile’ on the screen. ‘Hi! Where have you reached?’ I asked cheerfully.

Late Night Treat

clit harder. He then pulled his cock out of my ass, turned me around and positioned me on my knees. He wanked his cock hard and fast and shot his hot love juice over my face. I savoured every drop that was being given to me. I continued to rub my clit knowing my orgasm wasn't far away. He sucked on my nipples which brought my orgasm to come

She thinks...

her pussy, lapping up her cum like a little cat drinking it's milk. Fiona was touching her clitoris, rubbing it to intesify the pleasure. Meanwhile, she thought about Tyler, whose dick she was imagining in her mouth. She could almost picture them both together. Kiara and Tyler, with her. Tyler's nudity was a treat to watch. A soldier formerly, he

A Job Done Right (Friday)

and imagined him forcing it further. I rubbed my clit more quickly, my orgasm was close, I needed to cum badly. I moved my hand from my clit and shoved two fingers into my pussy. I rubbed my g- spot as i thrust my hips at my own fingers, pushing me closer and closer to the edge. Yes, fuck. I'm cumming. Just as I reached the height of my

Simple Pleasure After Work

shall we?’ He nodded and apparated them back to their room. ‘Saves more time,’ he said with a smile then kissed her passionately, dipping his tongue into her open mouth to duel with hers. She made a noise of assent while pushing him gently towards their bed. He wrapped his arms around her waist and walked backwards and fell as his knees caught on

Family Sex Toy

of us and said “Watch how a man fucks boys.”Then proceeded to shove his cock into the toy, I’m surprised it fit without tearing the silicone. Immediately he began to fuck the toy as fast as he could. “RRrrraaaAAAhhhHH…rRRRraaaaAAhhHHH…” It looked like the walker was going to fall apart, it was creaking so much.

Confessions of a Teenage Nympho Ch. 06

ass slowly subsided. I looked over at the clock after awhile and saw that it was 4:30AM. I slowly sat up and his hand touched mine. ‘I have to go back to the living room. I don’t want your sister waking up to find us like this,’ I whispered. He sat up as I pushed off the edge of the bed to stand. My legs were weak and I leaned my hand on the

Mommas Girl

Her tongue darted in and out of his mouth. She twisted her body to allow his hands to roam all over her, from her breasts to her legs and ass, she was completely open and accessible. His hands rode up her thighs and tugged at her panties. She lifted her ass off the couch without thinking and he slid them down to her ankles. Moving his hand

Broken Mirrors

I remembered before I fell into a thrashing red darkness. ***** The bitter taste of blood is on my tongue, burning in my throat, as I watch him watch me. I know it’s in my eyes, this hatred and this fear—I know he can see it when he looks at me, and his eyes cloud over. There is something there, then, something I can almost recognize, but I don’t

The perverted life of Emma.

vulnerable. Both the vice chairman and the up and coming journalist found each other interesting and ended up naked in Ellen's giant mansion in the upper east side of the city. When Emma woke up the next day, she saw the blonde MILF slurping away at her pussy with the kind of enthusiasm she hadn't seen in quite a while. It was at that moment that

my first time being dominated

open my mouth and stick out my tongue. The biggest load I have ever seen hits my face and gathers in my mouth,I lick some up. Its everywhere, some of it dripping into the floor.He goes and gets some napkins, throws some at me and starts to clean himself.He watches me as I clean up and get dressed. He comes up to me and puts me on the counter

Vanessa Meets John

saying to me. “I know, I’m sorry, but you know how my dad is with work. He likes to include his family with everything, so I have to go to the dinner. I shouldn’t be out late.” I smiled into the phone. “Maybe, if you’re lucky, I’ll swing by afterwards to give you a little treat.” He chuckled. “Alright babe, tell your parents I said hey.” “Will

The Shortcut

She was living with him while she was in school.She could take the long way and stay on the sidewalk by the street, but the alley was quicker and more fun. Who doesn’t like to kick around in an empty alley?Only lately it wasn’t always empty.One morning, almost noon, she could hear voices as she came around the curve. There were four guys gathered

Chanel and Ethan 24

over to Ethan with wide eyes. “You can’t take me to Puerto Rico,” I say as a statement of fact. He steps away from the line and leads me a few feet to give us privacy. This must have been the reaction he was waiting for. “I understand if you don’t want to go with me,” Ethan says sincerely. And he’s telling the truth, I can see his face accepting

Is The Past Prologue?

all out in the open. Thank you for not denying it, I couldn’t have taken that. So what’s going on? If it isn’t Diana is it another affair? Something at work? What?’ We learned being honest it best. ‘I was talking to Jerry after we played golf, and he was telling me about the problems he’s having in his marriage. Anyhow, he thought ours was

Holidays at the Farm Part 4

cock pointed at the ceiling. Elaine was on her knees beside me looking at it, giggling. She said to me, "You have a problem there. Would you like some help solving it? I can get Sarah's mom down here and she’ll be ready to fix it in no time flat. What should I do?" I looked at her with scorn in my eyes. I said vehemently, "I do not want Sarah's

Perfect Day: Lucy and John Pt 2

at the suggestion, the idea hadn’t crossed his mind, yet he realized it was the perfect way to relax after their vigorous morning so far. Heading into the bathroom, he started the water, allowing it to warm, and found some of Lucy’s favorite bath oils and scents. Plugging the drain, the warm water began to fill the tub as John added the scents to

Delivering Dominance - Book 2: Setting Expectations

around my head before taking it into her mouth. As soon as she finished with that initial cleaning, she lifted her leg across Lori's body and moved her face to Lori's. The initial kiss between them was more a tongue tease, letting me see my cum exchanged by the women. It became a deeper kiss, and Kelly pulled away, “Sir, can Lori and I both clean

Red Doors Ch. 11

side way glances his body never stopped making me want him to have me. He could have me I allowed that to be clearly understood. In fact at times I thought perhaps he wasn’t interested in any female I laughed at that thought he was a man. Sometimes to my consternation his eyes fell upon a woman that his reactions couldn’t deny. I smiled at him

Blood Diaries Ch. 02

all day tomorrow together if you would like,’ I suggested The look on his face seemed even more dismal and it looked as if he would cry. I took him by the hand and we left the club. I took him to the car and I sat him in the passenger seat and I turned on the car and sped off. He looked so pitiful sitting there in the seat, which was still

A Fuck on the 50

Nastia,’ I joked with her as I hung up the phone with her, anxious to see where things would go between us at the game once she got a few drinks (and hopefully me) in her. ‘I promise you you’re not going to regret this night John,’ she whispered as the game kicked off and we drank our first beers of the night together, settling in for the game.

Exploring the other side of sex

me crazy as I rubbed him. I began to feel an urge to kiss the head and taste the fluid, fluid I had tasted from my cock in masturbating before and licking my hand. “Oh, Bill, that feels good. Ohhhh, keep rubbing. Rub a ltittle faster.” I kept up a good stroke and Mike seemed to be moving his hips in the same speed as my rubbing. “That’s two

life as a boy/girl chapter 6 part 1

off put now looking at the dresses. “You okay.” I ask deeply concerned about him. “It just… I never thought I would ever see you in a dress.” I roll my eyes, get up, walk by my brother, grab the dresses, and walk into the nearest dressing room. I strip out of my red hello kitty shirt, my red jeans, and my red heart boxers. I place the dresses on


the security camera. Laura let her know that our sex life had really benefitted as well, and of course Muriel wanted all the details.It was upon hearing all the details of our sucking and fucking that Muriel blurted out to Laura, “I want to touch myself and I want you to watch”Laura reached out and hugged the girl, kissing her softly on the lips.

Blue Creek - Chapter One

until she collapsed. Then her little body went limp on the couch, still having spasms.I sat on the couch, took her in my arms and put her sideways on my lap while she still felt the effects of the orgasm she'd just had.I wiped the hair out of her face, tucking it behind her ear and I took some time admiring her while she stopped shaking and her

Daddys Luvly Heather 1

her Daddy's cum! I could hardly wait until I had the chance to cum inside of my sweet darling girl.I gently lifted her chin with my finger to have her look me in the eyes. She had a stunned look upon her face. I wiped a large glob of my sperm off of her cheek with my finger and slowly brought it to her mouth. To my surprise she opened

The Barbie Lez Fantasies - Week 50: The Talking Vibrator

past my labia.“Mmmmm!” I moaned as my fingers darted in and out of my soaking-wet poon while my lover’s vibrating body did the same for my asshole. Unfortunately, the dual stimulation only lasted a few seconds. Fortunately, that was because the orgasm that had been growing within me finally exploded.“FUUCCCKKKK!!!!!” I moaned at the top of my

Derek, Babysitter at 15.

Without and prior warning I jabbed at his hole, slowly fucking his virgin hole with my throbbing and tensing dick. It must of been obvious to Derek that I didn't jerk off at home regularly, I was ready to cum within minutes. Almost shouting that I was ready I jerked and thrust yet deeper into him feeling my immature seed shoot even deeper into

Cold January

lips, she slowly licked up his shaft before he reached down and caught her under the breast. ‘Come on up here you tease.’ Jason pulled her up to him until her slot was rubbing the top of his shaft, the head of his hard throbbing cock resting between her ass cheeks. Their unborn baby resting between them she’d only been pregnant for a month or two

Annies Journey – Ch. 4

days after last Friday night with Tom and Eric, I was quiet and didn’t feel like having sex which was really unusual. Rob kept asking me if everything was OK and I told him it was, but it wasn’t. I had to have some time to think about what happened Friday night. But finally I had to talk with my husband after I got home from the office one night.

The Audition Part One

of the girls resembled the ones seated across from me. ‘I told you,’ Nick yelled into the phone. ‘From now on we do things my way,’ And with that he slammed down the phone. ‘Stupid bitch!’ he muttered. ‘Everyone thinks they know how to make porn now.’ Nick looked up from his desk and smiled. He obviously liked the way I looked. But for a second I

Revenge, Blackmail and Domination

edge into another scintillating orgasm. He then moved Ann onto all fours in front of me. He had Ann place her head in my lap and he moved in behind her lovely curved ass. He now wanted to take Ann doggie style as she began to cry loudly out in my lap. He fucked Ann good and hard from behind for several minutes, and I felt Ann’s fingernails dig

My Curious Wife

with the usual questions. He asked her age and where she lived. She replied quickly to each of his questions, although she didn’t give her correct location. She was learning fast. Then his questions became of the more personal nature. He asked her about her breasts and the typical ‘what are you wearing right now’ question. Again she replied to

Sometimes They Come To you

she spits or swallows?” “Are you kidding? I bet she gargles!”I actually felt a little ashamed from the comments. I’d never sucked cock with a peanut gallery before. I reached out my hand that had been supporting his head, and supported his balls instead. This was no easy feat with one hand, but I managed to keep one avocado balanced on each half

Spandex Dreams Pt. 2 "Home Alone"

at it. I even won a few races against opposing schools. But I couldn’t help but miss wrestling. It was the constant body contact that made me long for the sport. But I digress.One night, after a particularly gruesome race, our team grudgingly hit the showers. It was silent other than the hiss and spray of splattering water coming from the

This Most Unusual Sister Ch. 01

smoke in her mouth. She drew it into her lungs and felt a head rush too. It made her a little spacey, but it felt good nonetheless. Gwen coughed as she exhaled. Angela decided to try very hard to be more dignified about it than that! Angela made a little ‘o’ with her lips and blew the smoke out. She was a little disappointed that a really cool

In Her Father’s Footsteps Ch. 07

and foster homes. I never knew whether to use my mother’s last name, Galore, my father’s–Bond–or any of the half-billion foster-parent names I took over the years. And I never KNEW what love was until I met and married my William.’ Wendy’s smile suddenly turned to tears and loud sobs. ‘And now I find that once more, I was deluding myself. That

Caught and Spanked by Two Women

the same recently and everything that Miss Swift and Miss Philips said and did made me cross. Our Scoutmaster, who was brilliant, had been ill for a while and so the two Arkelas were in charge – they were in their late twenties and very sexy but they didn’t run things well. As soon as we were dismissed at the end of the evening I’d gone out to

bus stop

packed with people... as it always was! So i had to sit next to a lady, who was way beautiful for her age. Her name was diane. She was about 40-42 years old if im correct. I sat beside her and began a conversation of how packed the bus was, she smiled at me.. all i could look at was her breast. They were almost bigger than the bag of groceries

Anne Marie (Kitten) Slutwife on the Golf Course

my golf ball while my wife waited patiently in the cart. Billy and Brett, on the other hand, were very good golfers and they were both playing well. Billy was 22 years old, with short black hair and a trim but pretty well cut body. He was your typical frat boy type, but very friendly and very nice. Brett was the quieter of the two. He stood about

AnimeCon Harem pt. 04

gap in the guardrail to find her father’s ‘71 Pantera wrapped around a tree at the bottom of the embankment. Having picked up on her recent obsession with anime, her Dad had always gone out of his way to find amazing anime movies, ones she’d never even heard of, for her. She wasn’t able to visit him often, but whenever she spent time over at

My college fantasy come true part 1

as his hand comes in contact with my bottom I instinctively pull away, he swats the back of my thigh and I stop all movement as he rubs lotion into my bottom, legs and feet. He actually massages my legs and feet and I sigh as it feels so good but it is short lived. He has me stand and brings me to the chair and has me sit. He brushes my hair and

Caught And Punished By My Manager (Part 2)

felt so feminine and slutty as I wriggled my bum against the floor and rubbed my legs together. I wanted so badly to feel like a girl and now I was trapped as one. The hours went by quickly as I thought about Mei. Maybe she was into me? I thought. Had she fancied me? Would she come back and punish me some more? I even considered if she would let

High-Class Smut, Part Two

of his hole. At last I plunged inside of him. He screamed with pleasure as the fake cock thrust in and out, his asshole tight around its girth. His own cock was rock hard as I pounded him, so I wrapped my arms around his waist and played with it gently while I rode him from behind. He gave me the signal, so I undid the cuffs and allowed him to

An Erotic Train Ride

vision. My body arched and trembled as my orgasm torr through my body. Michelle sat here still pushing herself onto me. Screaming and panting. Trembling just as I was. She let out scream after scream of pure ecstasy. Loving every second of what was happening to us. After a while of sitting there convulsing and spraying our cum into each other.

Night Visions

shifts in the bed. I stiffen, not wanting to be caught. I feel as if I am doing something totally taboo. He turns to his side, encircling my waist with his arm. I’m caught. I cannot continue without his knowledge, yet my body is screaming for release. I turn to face him, pressing my body into his. Slowly I run my tongue along his jawline, up to

When the Moon and the Sun Collide, Part II

emboldens me and I reach up and yank your thigh-high hose hanging from the shower rod. I pull your hands away from your face and your breasts, bobbing up and down as you flinch back, and I quickly tie your wrists together then tie them to the shower pipe, just above the streaming shower head, forcing your head and front under it and the water

Steamy camping trip

a job as a guidance councellor at a camp and so if any ladies needed anything I would be there. Sure enough, they came.Lots and lots of pretty, sexy girls. Would I be able to control myself?One day, I was out by the lake in the woods when Jessica Davis walked up to me. "Hey, Liz, can I talk to you?" she asked. That was the name I'd given myself.I

Reach Out For The Sunrise Ch. 07

in one of the male-rape cells. They stripped, blindfolded and collared him, fastening the collar with iron rings to a pair of iron loops in the concrete floor. His wrists were pulled between his legs and manacled with iron cuffs to opposing ankles so that he could not rise. The brace-gag was put in his mouth to keep his jaws open and his fangs

Sisters Needs – Brothers Desires – Fathers Nightmares – Part 1

control close by for when she did fall asleep. Tina ignored the movie, slid a hand along Davids side, and the other up to his shoulder. She curled her legs up and slightly around his side pulling her legs up under her nightie. Feeling safe, and for the first time in a long time, not so alone and empty, she felt herself drifting off. David, she

A Christmas Wish

to read her profile, he felt a stir in his crotch he had not felt since god knew how long. He then said, “Hot-damn, she is as pretty as a picture.” Thomas immediately sent her an email, hoping she would at least write to him. As Marian sat at computer reading her email, she received one from a man named Thomas, in the back of her mind she said,

The Mediation Room

even though her hands were trying to push him away. She rolled to her left, an action which forced him to withdraw his head, until she was on all fours. She arched her back to raise her hips and push her pussy at him, and crawled forward until she was clutching the far edge of the table for support. The cold metal of the table stung her nipples

What a day!

not a problem but come on, I was kinda busy. Feeling very put out, I got out the shower and answered my phone. After the phone call I considered getting back in the shower to finish the job, but noticing the time I realised I had to go. I put on my work clothes, normally pretty standard attire for the office. But today with the way I was feeling


me. I was tending to an injured marine and had just learned that a second explosive had not detonated. I never saw it until it went off and I was sprayed with sand and debris and many small bits lodged in my face. I was wearing prescription goggles since contacts don’t work well in a desert for long. Everyone around me though that was silly but

The Map To Matilda

outside Burberry. He greeted her with a warm hug and kiss which instantly warmed her cold body."A taxi, huh?" he asked smirking. "An expensive way to travel you know." Matilda thought about how many bills the taxi driver had taken and had to agree. Next time, a different mode of transportation."Now, for your drab wardrobe that screams, 'Don't

The Last True Fan

small table next to his little kitchen, which occupied the area next to the door. He sat at the other end of the table. ‘Can I get you somethin’, Brenda?’ he said at last, ‘Coffee, water, iced tea?’ ‘Iced tea would be nice if you have it.’ ‘I make sun tea all th’ time. Sugar? Sweetner?’ ‘No, I’m as sweet as I need to be and more. Diabetes’ He

An Unlikely Match

The guy on her bed thanked him and took a long drink before looking at her. ‘Well, or were you serious that anything but that dietary disaster and water will make you vomit…?’ ‘I wasn’t lying,’ she resented the implication that she had been. To prove her point she took a small drink, swallowed and waited. It wasn’t long before she was reaching

The Only Cure Possible

body. I could see her glance to the side and knew she caught me staring at her ass and legs. Her smile was warm and genuine, and I knew she didn’t mind the lasciviousness in my countenance. If anything she considered it a complement, or at least a confirmation that the outfit she had chosen to wear tonight was having its desired effect on me. She


eventually hooks a finger under the hem of my little black dress. He lifts it up slowly and rests it atop my pert buttocks. He now grinds directly between my cheeks. I'd unzipped his fly and released his cock some time ago. We freeze suddenly when the doors open. A family crams in and my faceless lover and I stand frozen in the corner. I can

My sib made me a sub (Part 1)

slender but she hit me once with the paddle, I felt like crying when she did. Amy refused to sit on me saying I was going to end up telling. She acted like she wasn’t having fun either. After a few strikes with that paddle I started getting hard. I eventually got so hard I was uncomfortable. I wiggled around a bit and it finally moved where it

A Night to Remember

and with the top button of my blouse undone he could see all the way down my bra. It made me feel good that he was taking such notice. I put my drink down and stood up walking to the door I asked him what diferent things I could see were. As he told me he put his hands on my hips. I took both of his hands in mine and pulled him up against me then

I gotta try it

spewed cum as Iincreased the pace of my self-fuck. I started meeting my own thrusts of the dildo and came harderthan I ever have. I didn't stop until my cock quit shooting and leaking cum. Oh what a fuckingunbelievable feeling. Needless to say I fucked myself every day with that dildo as I watched thelesbian videos I had bought.When I got my

Like the Best Ever

stroking, fondling and caressing them. She feels them tightening, and dad reaches to stroke her tomboy hair and sighs, softly whispering: "It won't take long now, Terri. Remember, you have to swallow it when daddy shoots.""Hm-hm," Terri thankfully acknowledges this fatherly advice, although she is somewhat nervous since her research has included

The Day An Anarchist Died.

the devastation, the aftermath in black and white, it looked straight out of the forties. I wouldn?t have believed it if I hadn?t seen it in color a moment ago. I couldn?t believe it. I watched as the towers fell, again and again, in color, and in gothic black and white. It was amazing, it was incredible. It was awful. I realized and felt the

Starts with truth or dare

are dared to tell their sex stories. Neither girl having a boyfriend at thus time. Tina tells how she gave her first blow job at 13 and lost her vicinity at 15. But only sucking two different guys and having sex with one. Lisa tells how she has only gave a blow job to one guy, the same boy she had sex with a few months ago.Each boy admits they

A Woman with Mongrel Ch. 01

but unfortunately that description fitted no-one he knew. She must be related to one of the other guys, probably a daughter who taught elocution. A hand gently shook Harry’s shoulder. ‘Mr Truscott?’ ‘Yes, um, am I being discharged?’ ‘No, I’m afraid not — you have a two more days and then, according to the house surgeon, conditional discharge

Vicky Bound for Vacation Part 1

Vicky and I were lying nude on my couch. She was stretching and flexing her silky body as my roaming hands moved across her flesh. She trapped one of my hands between her thighs and was using the edge to masturbate. I had just had her tied over the back of the couch and the fucking and ass slapping had brought her to a screaming, gut retching

Breach of Confidentiality Ch. 02

It was much stronger than yesterday, and she had found herself on the floor jilling herself before she knew what was happening when she had tried some conservative garb. Nipples hard, squirming, belly muscles twitching, Michelle finally accepted she had no choice. She slipped into a miniskirt that was barely three inches below her ass and a

The Coolest Day

I think it's hot when a guy gets turned on and tries to hide it so nobody can see it.”As the light turns green, I started to go with her hand still on my member. I pull onto her street. “My house is the last on the left,” she says as she bends down unzipping my shorts. My rock hard member pops out from my boxers, she starts licking the under side

The rabbit and the Wolf part two

her mouth to show me it was full before swallowing it and smiling before she leaned in and sucked my over sensitive cock into her mouth, cleaning it of her own sweet juices. I set my hand on top of her head and groaned softly "mmmm good girl." and when I did she pulled her mouth of my deflating cock and smiled at the praise. "Dose pet like

Circus of Darkness 3:Final Chapter

Soon she had three phallus’ ramming in and out of her sexy body, and mouths everywhere, nibbling on every body part of hers. She felt its tentacle going deep into her tight slick warm ass hole. Her legs began to shiver as another orgasm came to her soaking wet soft pussy. It was shoved down her throat stretching her throat it seemed as it went.

The Inner Sanctum

burned to ashes in exchange for Jennie’s love.She was small and very delicate looking, more like a schoolgirl than a twenty year old woman, with long golden hair half way down her back, large brown eyes and a smile that could make a man incorrect in believing he was her special one. Her face was oval, well proportioned with a nicely shaped nose

Club Inzest 08

leaned forward to kiss him and they were all joined, in lust, love and passion. ‘Oh, my two loves, if you could see how sexy you look together!’ Lynne moaned as Susanna’s familiar tongue speared her pussy. It was all coming together, she was ecstatic, because she could never have given up Susanna’s adept little tongue for Darren’s cock, or

The Debt Collector – Part 3

last two inches, and he felt the inside of her womb convulsing as she wailed out. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh my fucking God! He flexed every muscle in his body as he felt his cock exploding into her, spraying the inside of her womb. He growled Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! as he spurted load after load of his fertile seed into her belly! He held his

Family Adventures II

fucking good! Don't stop!" I beg. After about ten minutes, she makes her way towards my pussy. "Bridget, I want to taste you right now, but I don't think it's fair if you're brother is missing out," my mother says. I agree and quickly make my way towards my brother's room. "Bobby, mom and I would like to speak with you. Come on, now!" I yell. I

Is it really taboo?

brain again stopped functioning rationally. Instead of stopping, I grabbed her legs, pushed them toward the wall, and rammed my cock into her. I remember looking her right in the eyes as I pounded away at her like a jack hammer. She looked back at me, bouncing her ass off of the bed like a fulcrum. For then next six or seven minutes, we went non

Generation Gap

you!"He began to wonder if there was such a thing as committing adultery on your son.He tried to stop her by being practical, which was a mistake. "I don't think we can. I didn't bring any contraceptives. I had no reason to think I would use them." There were a couple in his suitcase, actually. There always were."Oh, that's all right. My mother

Let's Make A Deal

it was a great tool to keep cum inside her. What was really fun is watching her walk to the bathroom from the couch after we used it to stuff my cum deep into her womb. It was quite a sight watching her waddle with that dildo between her legs.The ladies were beginning to leave after another hour of giggling, handling the toys, and drinking

The Meter Man Comes

Clark.“Yes, a few, but not lately,” lamented Steffie. “I honestly do enjoy it, though. It gives me pleasure, too.”“You know good girls always swallow, right?” said Clark.Steffie’s hand gently grasped Clark’s cock. He leaned in to kiss it softly on the head. “Yes,” he agreed, almost whispering. “I won’t waste a drop. I want to be a very good girl

My step-daughter

jacking off my cock until I lowered my body towards hers....Amanda grabbed my waist, and took all of my cock in her mouth....for a novice, she was incredible.... Amanda told me not to stop and to keep jacking off in her face and to give "her what she wanted."God, she was incredible. I kept stroking my tool, and looking at her shaved pussy, and

Seducing the Man in Black

a long shower that fogs up the mirror and leaves more water on the floor than her regular shower, Laurie makes her way to the bedroom of her tiny, one-bedroom apartment, vibrator in hand. “I can always count on you.” She squeezes the handle of her battery-operated lover, while lying on her bed, towel cast aside to join the mess on the floor.

An Accidental Woman

annoyed, but when I broke down and told her about my past, she asked if we could go get coffee. She went to her room and then met me downstairs. We made small talk about how hot it was, and then laughed at ourselves for going to get coffee. Once in Starbucks, we ordered our drinks, and talked about our majors, basic stuff, and then she finally

Twenty-fifth wedding revelations.

head back and over towards Keith and kissed him."Mmmm, Ohhh..." she murmured.Heather felt Keith take hold of her nightie, tugging at it and pulling it up. A minute or so later he eased her nightie up, free of her breasts, she raised her arms up and then he slipped her nightie up and off. Heather snuggled back down again as she felt both of his

Her Mother Watched Us

had the old mother-daughter fantasy and I believe it stemmed from her. There were often times when I was fucking Kelly that I would think of her mother’s naked body underneath me as I fucked her sopping wet pussy. My strides would always get harder and faster as I would look down and in my mind’s eye see Tanya laying there, her eyes rolling into

Adult Arcade Leads to Motel

response. I never realized that having one’s toe sucked could be so stimulating. I made me red hot with desire. I would have submitted to anything from him at this point. His kisses slowly moved up my legs and the insides of my thighs to my shaved balls. I spread wide and watched as he slowly moved up my hard organ. His eyes were fixed on mine as

Slut-boy for Mr A.(part 2).

do the little fucker both ends’ With that,my drooling mouth was filled with throbbing,veiny slimy daddy-cock ‘Gnnnnnmpppphh,ohhhh,yessssss,go on son,do yer boy while daddy fucks his slutty mouth,he fucking wants it’ Slurrrrp,slurrrp,hmmmmmm,licklslurp,lick,mmmmmmmmm! ‘Dad,he tastes fucking great,my boy’s hot little shitter’s twitching for me wet

The Meet

feel lonely and I was always correct as by the mornings he would be banging on about how attractive this girl was at the gym the other day and apologising for pushing me for pictures. “Fine if you want it that way. Nonetheless I booked a table for 2 ,) so whether you wear panties or not it’d be nice to finally meet you x” I couldn’t tell if he

Gig's tubing trip

was all in our bedroom. I screwed Clay a few more times also.I became active in the Catholic Church again and realized that I needed to stop going nude in public, no matter how much it turned me on. I still fucked around; after all, Jerry didn’t seem to mind, so it didn’t hurt our marriage. And I confessed my sins and would say my ‘Hail Mary’s’.

A Walk Through Nature

of all of them, weighing in at well over 200 pounds, the antlers themselves forked into 2 equal branches. James counted the points of the antlers and explained to Gina that it was a 12-point buck. A prize for any hunter. ‘Are you a hunter James?’ ‘For food yes.’ ‘I don’t understand.’ ‘I don’t hunt for sport, and dislike it greatly. If you hunt as

Slave for a Day part 3

Liz out of the room, but are soon lost in another play of the game. Mike smiles at Liz as they enter the kitchen alone. From the little Liz has seen of Mikes wife she is not very outgoing and Chris has mentioned that Mike regularly complains that his sex life is not exactly exciting. Liz remembers a conversation she overheard at a party where his

Hidden Memories(Part Six)

because she didnt remember anything even though she did. Could she handle it? She needed to, she sudden thought. It was the only way. Bailey? Baileys head whipped around at the sound of her name. Crystal was behind her. Yeah? Boss wants you in the show in ten. Crystal smiled and retreated to the rack of costumes. What theme is up for grabs?

There For The Taking

arms from behind my back, I show him the memory card in my hand. "I couldn't help it, he was so hard and didn't have any condoms." I pout at daddy as he looks sternly at me. I try to effect an innocent little girl look. Pretty hard with what his hand is doing to my crotch. "Slut," he growls huskily. Then he smiles and I know everything is ok. I

How It All Began Ch.15

that made her bare down on his thrusts. Avril clasped her slight hands against his biceps using his body for leverage and held him in place. Her hips heaved against each thrust as the fat head of his cock grazed the upper walls of her pussy. Avril could feel another climax building against the ebb and flow of his cock, flooding waves tensed and

I Met Her in The Supermarket

the kindness of your incredibly delicious pussy. That was terrific. If this is what I have to look forward to, I'm signing up!"We went back downstairs albeit somewhat wobbly. As I dressed in my warm, dry clothes, we finished off the bottle and the roach."Tonight, I'm going to take this bottle and fuck myself with it while I think of you.""Why do

Premium (german)

versuchte Emy im Zimmer vergeblich, die Schublade mit ihren Sachen zu öffnen. Die Uhr hatte schon Drei geschlagen und damit hat sich die Einbrecher Sicherung aktiviert. Das Einzige Kleidungsstück, an das sie heran kam, war also der blaue Pornobikini. Widerwillig schlüpfte sie in das Stück und versuchte, ihre Vagina so gut wie möglich zu bedecken,

Twenty Years to Life Ch. 04

regarding interaction with patients, he wouldn’t have minded ask Isabel for permission to chain this young woman over his desk and fuck her senseless, but he had to maintain professional etiquette. So he sat back down and buzzed his ‘nurse,’ to come in. She would ‘suffer’ the brunt of his arousal once Torrie had left. ‘I’m sure I’ll see you

Rum, Sodomy and the Lash Ch. 06

a while, hoping that the vigour of her performance would bring him to a conclusion, but when this tactic failed, she fell into a lacklustre rhythm, her face a mask of resentment. ‘Kitty,’ said the Captain warningly. ‘You are happy to be given pleasure, but loth to give it, I discern. You are a selfish lover. I may have to break you of that

Morning Treat For My Girl

that she really likes is oral sex, me going down on her and then she rides my face till she comes. And Wow! When she comes, she really squirts too! Her pussy gets so wet when she is grinding into my face as I lick and tease her sweet pussy. After she has come, my goatee is soaked with her juices and she slides down my body and we kiss deeply, our

Unexpected Pleasure

I was on the edge of orgasm wanting release. The room was spinning as Alex continued to hammer himself into my body."I'm gonna cum inside you," Alex growled.At that moment I came, the pleasure paralyzing me. It took my breath away and I could feel my walls clamping tightly around his cock."Oh Yeah," I screamed while I was still climaxing. "Cum

One Magical Evening

your dick! I love the way you fuck.” I kissed him long and hard again. I was almost in tears, I was so excited. We had another pause, and we talked openly, yet briefly, about our sex lives. We were both unsatisfied at home, and he said this was just about the best sex he had ever had. We wished we had met before. Neither of us had met anybody

Our weekend

betrayed him as a look shock and concern washed over him. My belly’s skin was a bit red, but not broken. He put a hand on Freddy’s head to calm him and slipped the other on to my clit. He began to rub deftly and I felt the orgasm growing powerfully. He grinned at me and slid the gag out. I was screaming with abandon as they both brought me over

Just a little more..

like a wild man and in less than a minute I blew my load. Annette had to brace herself with her hands as I jacked off. Cum poured all over her face. I kept jacking off in her eyes, nose and mouth. I started to slap her face with my dick she started rubbing her face and the cum over my dick. Oh yeah swallow it! Swallow it all! Oh yeah fuck! Fuck!

This story involves interracial lesbian orgies

on her back with widely spread legs. Lindahesitated for a moment, then sank down on her face. Thecunt before her eyes was well beyond her dirtiestdreams, an erotic masterpiece of dark red and purpleflesh, with a big, hard blood-red clit exposed to hermouth. She kissed the beautiful labia and breathed in thesalty, kinda fishy odor of fully-grown

Plotting My Revenge – Fucking Him

nothing has happened. He doesn’t realise I’m not done with him. Not just yet… Over the next several hours there is teasing and talk. We mostly just drink. I allow him to drink a bit more than me, wanting to keep my mind straight. When he starts touching me again, groping me like a bitch in heat, I let him. He works me into a high arousal. I do

Dan's XXX Dream Part 3

him over the edge. Rachel felt like a rag doll with a telephone pole jammed in her cunt as Charlie really began to fuck her. Knowing that he was not going to quit until he could cum again she allowed the sensations in her cunt to overwhelm her body; she tried as hard as she could to grip his cock and pump his cum into her hole. Leaning down

Penns Goil

her scrambled wits. ‘Did you think this would ever happen, Penny? Can you believe we’re still keeping our promise after all these years?’ His warm hand engulfed hers. ‘Jack, I’ve always believed in you.’ Gentle fingers pushed her chin until she met his warm eyes. He said, ‘Me too you.’ Lifting her left hand, he inspected the ring finger. ‘You

At the office

at him and you try to hide it when you see me watching you. Worried what I’m going to say, or do frightens you a little, but you’re not too scared since you kinda have me in the corner as well. I call you into my office the next day for a private meeting. You’ve been stressing all day about what I’m going to ask, and what you’re going to say.

I Just Wanted to Read My Book - Honest!

into his hand.“What's it about?” he asked, the very tip of one finger slipping between the wet folds of her labia.“Qu- quantum phy- sics.” She tried her very best to sound disinterested as more of his finger slipped in between her wet folds, the tip now coming in contact with her aching hole.“I think you're lying.” There was a grin in his voice

While my husband slept

as all hell. I went down stairs and looked in at Jim asleep on the couch. He and John were old drinking buddies and he had helped John kill a couple fifths last night. He was laying on the couch with just his shorts on; it was pretty warm as it was the middle of summer. I could see the out line of his cock inside his shorts and it looked good, I

Fantasy Vacation Chapter 05

Terri replied. "Telling you this has me horny again too and I could sure use some more cock."   Still holding Mike by his 7-inch cock, Terri leads the way below deck to their bed to get more comfortable. Once inside Terri released her grip on Mike, stripped off her own suit and fell back on their big bed. Then with her legs spread out wide so

From Sex Deprived to Sex Addicted Pt. 1

so this random girl doesnt see his dick or if he should be cool and see if she is impressed. Thats a nice cock you have there, Nicholas, said the female voice, drawing closer to Nick as she closed the door behind her. It was at that moment that Nick realized who had spoken those words. Lizzy Watkins, his friend Mitchs ex. His dick hardened

First Time - Paladin Cycle Short

the collar of his tee, she yanked him backward.Amy eyed him. “Cherry.”A look of question on his scruffy face. “Cherry?”She nodded.“As in . . . cherry?”She nodded.“Tell me you’re kidding.”Amy shook her head.Shane stepped backward. He ran a hand over his head. He waved her off. “I need a sec.”“Why?” The question drawled in a most pathetic

A Wild Date With My Sister

I took a cab to my sister's job after her shift ended so we could get something to eat and catch up on things. This wasn't a common occurrence, actually I don't remember it ever happening, but I figured it would be nice because we hadn't seen each other in about a month. We settled on pizza and after we ate I was in the mood for a drink. It was a

My Biggest Secret Pt. 2

door to find him in one of his business suits he always looked so sexy dressed like that."You look so good how are you doing?" I said as I invited him in."You know just how I feel." He said, and gave me that look that said I want your lips wrapped around my cock.With that, I took his hand and lead him upstairs to my bedroom; I just wanted to eat

The Black Seas Ch. 20

spread through the Caribbean about the sea battle between Blackbeard and Robert Maynard and its aftermath. Rumor had Mary Read placed aboard Blackbeard’s ship as his prisoner and it was highly anticipated Jack’s sister would be hastily in recovering her. Calico decided to use those turn of events to his advantage. By rescuing Mary Read, he hoped

Finally it happens

go out that night but Daddy had to pick me up at midnight ! This was not a problem, I hadn’t realized how late nightclub were open. As they left the house I shouted bye and dashed up the stairs. All alone I could finally get dressed. On went the black satin push up bra, my tits were a 36C but I thought I could do with some more help, matching

Having fun while alone

I stand up and look at you panting and dripping in sweat. I start to rub my dick against your pussy making you moan softly begging me to fuck you hard. I push the head in as i kiss you letting you taste your pussy making you moan loudly. I start to go hard and fast feeling your pussy clench to my dick and i can feel your juices flow out past my

Our New Normal

work with a raging hard-on.My wife and I have had our normal twice-a-week love making curtailed for the last few months due to her elderly mother moving in with us. Having trickled down to once every week or two, neither of us were happy about it, but you have to help family. To make things worse, for the last couple of weeks, we'd been saddled

In the Grip of a Trip

wasn’t sure if it was the LSD and booze kicking or what, but I was starting to feel horny.PT invited me inside his house for some more cold beers, I obliged.He ended up in his basement where there was more framed photos of him and cars and sports.PT was slowly getting pissed and opening up more.He started complaining about his wife a bit.“She

Walt and Tom in 1960 Italy Ch. 04

to fuck her slowly and I enjoyed the feeling of warm semen surrounding my cock in her sheath. ‘I love the feel of your warm cum in my ass.’ Charlotte told me that she loved anal sex and that sometimes she actually preferred it to vaginal sex. She said that she still wanted to cum and she preferred a cock shooting a load in her ass while her clit

A Day In The Life

was reeling as I sat at my kitchen table listening to my wife describe how she had sucked a cock much longer than mine, swallowed cum, and then got fucked like a bitch in heat. She was getting more and more glib as she continued. You would have thought she was telling me how our daughter had scored the winning goal in a soccer match."His cock

Learning How To Be Submissive: Part 1

which I doubt exists. He disappears out of my peripherals and I begin to get anxious and nervous. I feel a hand place a ball gag in my mouth and secure it behind my head. I dont think much of it until I look beside me and Master is standing there holding a wicked looking knife in his hand, a viscious look in his eyes. He presses it to my shirt

A Fantasy Shared?

this is the way I felt as I saddled up to the bar. I do like a good hotel bar and this hotel did not disappoint. I always feel like a good drink or 4 before bed will help me settle down and get to sleep. The bartender here was very easy on the eyes, about 24yrs with a cheerleaders body. Way out of my league and my age group, called middle age. I

White teen boy taken by a black man

back in the 1980’s.  He had never divulged this story to anyone but some years later we met for a few drinks after work. It was a cold night in Boston at a bar, he was drinking heavily and told me about this encounter with a man. James was now a 37 year old married man but this experience had haunted him for years.   With literary license, I will


down further, thankful she’d chosen not to wear a bra tonight. She heard him let out a harsh sigh through his nose as he clasped one of her breasts. His forefinger and thumb worked her nipple into a tightened peak. His breathing grew heavy as he touched her. Her hips bucked against his hand, pressing down to meet the slide of his fingers. She


making me scream.Ive never had a dick this big drilling my pussy,but it felt so good.I leaned over and started sucking on Reggies fat cock,paying close attention to the head,and massaging his balls.I felt james grip my hips and pound my pussy harder and then release his load all over my ass.When he was finished i turned to face him, bent down and

Horny on a Saturday Morning Part 1

not wearing a bra. I quietly come up behind you and you smile when you see me in the mirror. You start to turn toward me but I stop you, saying “Let me admire you for a moment.” A devilish, playful smirk comes across your face and you stand facing the mirror. I nuzzle your neck and my warm breath on the nape of your neck causes you to moan and

The World's First Futa's Daughters 02 - Futa's First Naughty Awakening Chapter 3: Alyessa's Afternoon of MILF Delights

while my pussy juices ran down my thighs. Her velvety grip swelled the ache at my cock's tip. That pressure needed to explode out of me.“I'm going to flood your bowels, Mrs. Minx!” “Good!” she moaned. She threw a look over her shoulder, her blue eyes glassy. “Just pound me! Ooh, I love it! You're such a naughty futa!”I grabbed my breasts,

Debbie 4

said Jimmy with a big grin. “We’ll just keep shoving one thing or another up your ass hole until you poop.”I must have turned as red as a beet but I knew there was no way out and I had to do what they said.“And no farting,” said nine-year-old Billy. “Every time you fart you get ten whacks with the thong.”“Now Debbie darling,” said Mom, suppose

The cock milker pt 2

I helped her set the table and we sat down to eat. We made small talk over dinner. She asked me how college was and how my studies were going on? I told her it was going on well. We sat down to watch a movie after dinner. She got up to get us both some ice cream. She gave me the ice cream and excused herself saying she needed to change. She

Awakening Her desires VIII

seat beside him. Charlotte whimpered in dread, despite herself. She found she was squirming in her place. She was perched on her side on the floor of the library, until just now happily devouring the incredible collection of historic erotica David had spent much of the day revealing to her. “ Oh. Oh, please. No David. No. I don’t think I can take

Mind-Control Panties Story 12: Virgin Cherry Delight

to see. I heard a powerful engine growling and chugging. I trembled, curious at who was stopping to help me.Just as the vehicle slowed down to stop by me, I realized it was the rig to one of those semi trucks. I didn't have a trailer attached, so the driver must be going home or something. I squeaked when the passenger door suddenly creaked open.

Breaking Drake Ch. 05

outside his pen. He got up, wary. Raell and a few girls stood outside his pen. The door opened, and Raell stepped in carrying a dog bowl. Drake felt his temper rise. He was NOT eating out of the dog bowl. Raell and two other women trapped him in between them, and wrestled his arms together, locking them together. He was leashed and then his legs

69 squirt

seemed to take for ever. Especially as we were in separate cars and we couldn’t touch each other up on the way. We arrived and just about made it through the door into the shared hallway before we started kissing. Straight away I had her pinned against the wall with her legs wrapped around me. Kissing in a dirty, needy way for a few seconds

The Hotel

thick and heavy and I swirled my tongue around in it. I heard him moan and pulled his cock from my mouth, squeezed it lightly and let the rest dribble out onto my tongue. I released my grip from the slow wilting monster that retreated back through the hole and I sat back on my heels. Wow, I was a mess. I looked at my hands and fingers and set the

A New Day, A New You part 10

more than interested in hanging around the gym with me. We are going for a half hour when I let her know what is going on with me and Stephanie. She listens and only when I ask her thoughts does she give them up. “Well I think you’re honestly over her but can’t bring yourself to walk away without hurting her a little,” Robin tells me before

Katie’s Escape Ch. 03

Jake’s dreams. He and Jake always checked out the library student staff. The problem was, they were impossible to flirt with. So matter of fact and intimidating with their vast knowledge and articulation. Jake and Lucas just didn’t know how to counter it, but they still tried. ‘Probably. What time?’ ‘I don’t know. ‘ He shrugged as he stuffed

Miss Donald’s Cum Punishment

on her mood and her boobs always popped out when she bent down. She was a redhead and an absolute bitch in every way but I loved her. Her first name was Rose and she was as beautiful as one. It all started when I found a flattering picture of her in the school paper. I got hard the second I saw it. It was a picture of her in a black dress, and

Welt ~ 6

might regret this, but life is for now not later. Life would actually be easier without him around; I’d have more time to do what I wanted and spend less running around playing his stupid games with him. Life is full of bigger fish, and if you wanted to be one of them you had to stay out of their way while they fought. As they turned to leave

The Second time: Day 2 - Rosie & Steve part 3

The release triggered another orgasm for Rosie and we collapsed in a sweaty heap. The aroma of our juices permeated the room and I inhaled them deeply, savouring Rosie's familiar smell and the new one's we'd created. John got up to use the bathroom and Sheila removed the vibe from her bottom, the batteries nearly flat. "That was sooo good!"

A Spider’s Web Ch. 08

just then, the fantasy ended. The lithe bodies of Rogue and Black Cat sauntered into the warehouse, which had been fixed up to resemble a sort of sex buffet, though to Peter it was a dungeon. Apparently they had been shopping as the moment Cat spotted MJ writhing on Spider-Man’s lap, close to climax, she dropped her bags and shouted at the red

Morning After

red with your spankings. You smile as your fingertips brush the bite mark you've left on my shoulder. My pussy tingles from even your slightest touch. “You look good in silk,” you say. You lean down, pressing your lips to my ear. “You look better without it though,” you say, as you tug the sheet from my grasp, letting it fall the floor. I

Great Mom Pt. 8

surveying the sight of my body with his cum all over it. I am sure he was happier with this sight then pretending to cum over me and having to cum over my pictures. "Oh shit, I gotta clean this up!" He quickly grabbed the towel and wiped all of his cum off of me, missing the cum in my belly button and the now cum stain on my shirt. He quickly

Weather for Two

touch. Hers…His… She felt his hand graze her left thigh and looked up at him. His gaze was heated with want and it thrilled her she had that effect on him. He’d gotten closer to her that her knees were touching the top of his left thigh. He leaned even closer till their faces were a mere few inches apart. He smelled faintly of Cologne and more

The Video Tape Ch. 03

as she grew up. Being sorry won’t wipe out ten years of loneliness and being sorry will never make up for my so-called loving husband, not believing in me. As Emily was saying that, I was relieved to see Inspector Morris entering the café. As he walked up to the counter, several of the customers must have recognised him as a policeman, they


down my tit and dripping onto the bed, he gets up and presses his dick against the wound until my tit gives way and begins to split, letting him in. This is all especially painful near the nipple, but the nerves seem to die within a few thrusts. He holds onto my shoulder to help hold me up as I go completely weak. I'm getting very tired and just

Blackhawk Hall Ch. 03

both women dropped to their knees in the water, quivering with their fingers buried inside each other for several minutes.When at last they were able to rise, the two women kissed, and Christi said, "Speaking of Cerebus, I was supposed to have Ashtar call him. Let's get dressed and I'll send for Ashtar."The pair dried, dressed, and then went to


myself as I settled back against the wall in cool quiescence. My cool lasted about half an hour, as well as my certainty that I had come to the right address. I considered that the office might well be empty, a possibility hardly unlikely considering the building’s condition. Drawing near the frosted glass, I strained casually to catch a glimpse

My first foursome

hell out of me. We’d agreed to meet at the bar and, when we saw the stunning tanned couple at bar, I didn’t think it was likely to be them. Then they recognised us from a picture we’d emailed them. At first, I was surprisingly shy, which wasn’t like me at all - and it was only a meal we were sharing. If we didn’t get on well, it wouldn’t

Les & Bob Part 5 Final Chapter

were very close to her face. She pulled him closer and started to lick his perineum and then up to his anus and back again. I could see he prick jumping at each stroke. I was amazed and couldn’t help but think that this was her 11 year old son who she was licking and they obviously did it quite a bit. I continued to massage her clitoris and then

Angry Father

for being 13, she stood 5 feet 2 inches high and she was just beginning to fill out her bra. Her boobs were perky as they were only a B-cup but the fit her well. For how skinny and undeveloped she was she had a larger than expected ass. It plumped out but sat up nicely and was rock hard. Anytime she wore her yoga pants to the mall guys from age

Hand of a friend

This was not unusual at the time, we led a bit of a partying lifestyle and often ended up staying over at friends’ places after a party. This particular night we were at a party where we didn’t know too many people and most of those we did know had gone home. Karl had already arranged to stay over as the party was at one of his mates’ houses and

The Way I Dreamed It Part 1 Chapter 11

knives.“I learned this quite some time ago, this is a medical Jutsu being a Hyuga I have great chakra control allowing me to learn medical Jutsus very easy.” said Hiashi.“What is that used for?” asked Naruto.“I’ll show you” said Hiashi as he moved faster then he had moved before.Hiashi appeared behind Naruto, Naruto dodged as Hiashi took a swipe

The 'Special' Delivery

house.Ill fix you a sandwich if thats Ok,"Jan said."That would be lovely.I do appreciate you and your father letting me stay in your home,"John said."Hahahaha,"Jan laughed."Thats my husband,"she said as she left the room.John thought to himself how does a guy that old get a gal like that.Then he realized the the guy must have a lot of money.Jan

The Unknown Lord Pt. 02

you are seeing is the mark of your slaves and my dull green shows you my Aires color and the strength of my master. If you see anybody that is as bright as you stay clear of them they are the dangerous ones and it will be unlikely you will see another blue but if you do make friends quickly he or she can help.’ ‘Chaste, I have so much to learn.’

Her Cut to the Chase

again that night. The odds were better than average that she’d have some stories to tell the next day, though. Her excuse was at least half true, so she made her way to the restrooms, which were set somewhat apart from the main part of the fair. On the way back out, she heard laughter upon opening the door. She paused and peeked through a gap in

Lexi, Jenna and the cabin in Vermont

about what they might taste like under my tongue. Shaking that thought out of my head, I unlocked the car door. She tossed in two pieces of luggage, jumped in the front seat and kissed my cheek. Her gloss left a soft smear on my cheek and I had no desire to wipe it off. "We're going to Vermont, to Little's cabin and that's all I've got right

Diavolo Ch. 06

They’ve got me in a wheelchair.’ She heard the displeasure in his voice. ‘All patients are wheeled out in a chair, Gabe. It’s just a safety measure.’ The doors to the hospital opened and the fans began to shout. ‘I love you, Abby,’ he was saying, making her heart skip a beat. Her eyes welled and her jaw dropped at what he’d said as he finally

It's Good to be King (3)

to be just a little closer to me, and would feed me small fruits by hand. I don't know why now, but trying to fuck her just didn't seem important, and I liked just being with her.A few hours went by, and that little voice in my head started up again."So, you don't have a name?""Mm, no. Not that I know of, or that you said it is. Must I have a

My Young Niece

bad when you forced it into her earlier? Why didn’t you handle the whole situation better than you did?”I just cuddled her head and told her softly, “I’m sorry Kristy. I’m so sorry.”I wondered what I was going to do now that I had deflowered my niece in a most inappropriate way. What would I say and how would she feel about me? My god, would

The Dream

she felt his head move to her ear and he whispered a single word before she fell into a deep dreamless sleep.ExquisiteSometime later she began to awaken.  She recognized the sound of song birds outside her window.  The storm had passed it seemed.  She felt so relaxed and so content as she came awake.  She now remembered the incredible dream she

Settling in

in the letter from my latest ex-girlfriend. I had a good job with a large corporation, and made a good living. The only drawback was that they relocated me. A lot. I am 31 and had been with the company for 6 years. I quickly moved up the ladder because of my willingness to relocate. In fact I was so willing to relocate they moved me 9 times in

The Boss Lady Part II

getting ready to cum.“Yes, sir! I’m so fucking ready for it! Cum on your boss’ face white boy! Cum all over it! Make me you’re your black slut!” Even though he was supposed to be in the dominant role, Jack yet again did what he was told. A rush of pleasure ripped through Jack’s body as a torrent of thick, white cum splashed across Anita’s

Michaels naughty little stepsister PART 2

much attention. Michael subtly reached under the table and put his hand on Jade's leg. She took his hand and moved it so it was touching her bare pussy lips. He felt that she was moist from being aroused, probably from the blowjob she'd given him a few minutes ago. He started to rub up and down her damp slit with his finger. Her breathing became

Birthday Boy

got harder and harder. I wanted more out of this, so I swung my leg over him so that we were in the 69 posistion. As I contined to suck his cock, he started to fuck my ass with my brand new dildo. Every time he pushed the dildo deeper into my ass, I thought I was going to cum all over the place. Just when my dad was ready to cum he stopped the

Babysitter & Hubby 2

they wanted the couch to themselves. Tiff was really into the movie & oblivious to what was going on, I on the other hand wanted to see what they were up to. Pat went into her room & came out with a blanket & covered herself with it. Tony was now sitting with his back to the armrest with his legs sprawled on the couch & Pat laying between them. I

First time for Everything, Part 3

Well, correction. I ate my dinner while he inhaled his in an attempt to hurry up and get me in bed.‘So, what are you thinking about?’ He asked, attempting to turn our chit chatty ‘how was your day’ conversation towards sex.‘I’m thinking about you washing the dishes so I can finish getting everything ready.’ I stated.‘I can wash them. It’s fine.’

My Wife's Slumber Party (Part 1)

their photos and I pretty much ignored what they were saying, just enjoying the scenery. One exchange did catch my attention, though.“Oh no, here they come,” Jenny said, putting her hands to her eyes and laughing.“Ohhh! There she is!” Ashley said, laughing. I admit that I was watching her a lot, as the view of her cleavage was amazing, ESPECIALLY

Choice Points Pt. 02

one afternoon Kate. You’re not quite ready for anything else. We’ll stop there for the day, but you have done very very well.’ Kneeling before him, Kate smiled widely, and her whole body seemed to wriggle in place. Praise is such a powerful motivator. Wrackoff continued ‘But there is one more thing I want you to do for me before our time is up.

Accident in Rajkot

you should eat when things are hot!She (while eating): So what else do you like to eat hot?Me: you!She: One thing at a time! By the way, you do know that you were staring at my boobs yesterday!Me: They sure are worth admiring!She: So you always stare at a nice set of boobs you see?Me: No, I do a lot more than that, if given a chance!She: like

The Strip and Fuck Club Ch. 02

cunt. She squirmed and squeaked but endured the reflected pain for her daddy’s sake and satisfaction. And the stimulus was working. Karen was all set to conclude this extended fuck. She heard Ned gust his breath, signaling his approaching orgasm. He braced to stand up with her locked to his groin and Karen braced for the grand finale. Ned gripped

Silent and Breathless

other time, any other person and I would have snatched it, but not her, not tonight. Something I actually take a little sick sense of pride in is my ability to chop coke into neat, tight rails. I lick the edge of my ID and tell her shes up. She tells me Im first without looking up from her new toy and by the time I pull my head up, shes got it

The Entity Pt. 01

miles up the road,’ he’d said. Linda shivered recalling how Michael had reached across, wiping water from her face. The touch of his fingers still tingled on her skin. If only they’d stayed. If only they’d wrapped up in each other for warmth instead of finding refuge in the car. If only they’d kissed in the rain and let their hands wander.

A Birthday present for a virgin

black crop tops and short black skirts and their trademark knee-high black socks. Although Peter didn’t know it yet, they weren’t wearing any panties. “Yeah, I’m ready, it’s just…” “You’re nervous that OK. We are too,” said Aisha. “You are?” “Sure,” said Gemma. “If you were a girl, well we’d have had your knickers off like five minutes ago, but…”

Best Lay

times while they fucked mein unison. Then Jim shot his load up my ass and pulled out. To mysurprise he was still hard. Bill was pumping me as hard as hecould. He pulled out and put his cock between my tits. Jim tookmy tits and held them tight for Bill. Bill fucked my tits andcame all over me. My hair, face and chest was covered. I lovedit, it

Help! - Part 8

the other man with. He gazed deeply into those big brown orbs which invited him into the soul of the man he was now deeply in love with.“You know,” Jake said, “it’s amazing what you can tell by looking someone in the eye”.Danny looked at Jake as if to say “what the hell are you talking about”, but he didn’t say it. Jake giggled foolishly,

New Year's Eve in New York

she feels the cock slowly push past her cervix entrance as the knot swells and than begins to be seesawed in-out of the entrance slowly advancing up her cervical tunnel with my now small humping motions, with shock Marci feels the cock reach and then seesaw within her womb, the tip of my cock wedge within her womb, pain once again gives away to

Changed Ch. 02

thought you would have liked the smell of my pussy. You ate enough of last night.” The finger made it’s way to my nipple and she gently rubbed the fingertip around my hard little nub in small slow circles. “Ooohhh.” I couldn’t help myself and let out a soft moan. She was seducing me again, my cunt was on fire already. I had to regain control.

The Devil’s Harem: The Curse Of T

at the glittery silver words printed on the chest. “The Devil’s Harem?” She looked him in the eyes curiously. “Is that in Vegas?” “Yep.” “What kind of place is it?” “It’s a place full of beautiful young women like yourself.” “Have you been there?” Karla giggled. “I work there.” “Is it a strip club?” Yanking hard, Karla finally freed the t-shirt

Sylvia's Night at Starbucks

caught a little in his throat as he said this and I knew he was struggling to work out how to make his next approach. He surprised me again, however, by suggesting we move into the back seat of my car, “So we can have a bit more room”.We slipped into the back of the car, Kev sitting on my left. He began kissing me so gently that I found this

my sexy cousin

a finger on my lips and said “No don’t say anything just enjoy it, I’ve wanted this for a while now.” Then she leaned in to kiss me and our tongues danced, twisting and turning, exploring every inch of each other’s mouths, it seemed to go on for ever. My hand was still on her breast so I began to roll her nipple again while my other hand went

Jenny Ch. 04

any problem?’ Steve asked seriously. ‘No, none at all. It’s not like Jenny’s a stranger. They’ve met her at the furniture store and bought some things from her. It’s just that I’m sure Mom would have liked to have given her formal approval before I asked her.’ ‘And your Dad?’ ‘He votes with Mom on this kind of thing. No problem that I can see.

Perfect mature tits

at how perfect her tits were. So we went inside and she got me an ice cold glass of water with ice and we sat down on her sofa. We was just making small talk and i kept glancing down at her amazing perfect big tits! Then she grabbed my hand and started sliding it over one of her big tits i started to squeeze it gently and she smiled and asked if

Fuzz the Cat Ch. 01

Well, not exactly a name to inspire terror to the hearts of his enemies, but as he realized that he was being taken from the Hall of Cages he decided to aqueous to her demand. After all, she was helping him escape, it only seemed fair. They walked up to the front desk, accompanied by the envious yowls of the other residents. Fuzz just put on his

The Princess and the Wish

hands slid it down past her shoulders, exposing her perky breasts. Beatrice didn't know what was happening, but she knew that she was loving it. Her entire body felt warm and tingly as James bent down and began kissing them, his lips pressing her soft nipples between them as his tongue began to circle around them. They began to firm up as James

Can't Escape Your Nature

weapons- crossbows, longbows and the likes. Dante’s skill with a longbow was considerable, and by the end of the day he was able to hit a bullseye at 200 paces, though his fingers were bloody from the drawstring. Mistress La’liel was impressed. Kage and Stark had gone down into the city on business and so Dante was blessedly alone with La’liel

Corbin 'Duece' James 1-4

brunette grabbed ahold of me and pulled me towards the bathroom. She unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down, did the same for ?herself. She jumped up on me forcing me against the wall. She slid down my hardened shaft, slowly making sure she could accommodate my member, by the time she was all the way down she was soaking wet, warm and tight.


me in the kitchen.”“While you were talking to your mother?”“Exactly,” Marti answered. “I couldn’t say anything to stop him, and he didn’t stop until I was completely naked. While I tried my best to concentrate on my conversation, he played with my breasts and was biting on my nipples. You know how much I love that.”“I know you do,” Vera said

Toman of the Cherokee 18

full power in less than a second with Naci close behind. "I could kill you with no problem Rigal. You are within my magical boundaries; you obviously have no desire to live much longer." I was seething how could I have been so careless?Rigal sat calmly though he was shaking a bit. He could see mine and Naci's power manifest themselves in the form

Raunchy and Aggressive

several more minutes of slamming into her, I knew she was close, for I feel the twitching, and tightening contractions of her anus around my finger. When Morgan finally went over the edge she lost all control; her pale, sultry body begins to shake and convulse and she lets out a series of high pitched screams and squeals that echoed off the walls

Tucking In Dakota

always watching out for her and getting ‘Kota whatever she wanted.They both knew their mother had a drinking problem. Lindsey told me once that it was what had driven their father away. I’d seen it but had always been able to deal with it. Maddie tended to get really aggressive when she drank, saying things she couldn’t take back and lashing out.

my discovery

my load without leaving any evidence behind. I grabbed a sexy black high heel and blew my load in that. After that I found that it was easy to clean so from then on I used high heels to blow my load in, after a while I would slide my cock in them, I loved it! I used a bunch of heels but always loved the black ones. One night all I could think

Ten Year College Reunion, Ch 1

shipped.Adriana was just as flirty as the day before and we had a lot of fun doing some of the same things, finding flirty and sexy little dresses and some very sexy tops for her to pretend-model, even some sexy lingerie that she bought. I was loving how giggly and fun my Adriana was being! This was turning out to be one of the most enjoyable

There Must Be A Mistake Ch. 18

talent to do it. I won’t tell mom or dad why, and neither should you. Do what Patti said, ‘find the man of your dreams, and marry him’. Live a long and happy life, and remember that I loved you. I will be leaving tomorrow morning. I just wanted to say good-bye.’ Christian kissed her cheek, and began walking back towards the house. Cassie stayed

A Woman of Edo Ch. 03

Suizen.” “Can you teach me?” Kano sat up. Again, I saw he was taken aback by the sight of me. But now I felt no shame. The waters of Fuji had cleansed me. I asked him again if he could teach me, but he did not answer me, but said, “Your hair is long, Akiko.” I took a step nearer, and lowered my eyes. “I can teach you. But first you must learn

Unforgettable First Time

it into her wet pussy. Ignoring what she said, I went slow. I could feel her virginity at the head of my cock and slowly pushed forward.She screamed in a mixture of pleasure and pain. I began to go in as far as I could and began to go faster and faster. Our moans got louder and louder until she was screaming in pure ecstasy. “Fuck…yes,

Why do fools fall in love…Jack

she would look after her two kid brothers. Simple enough, the youngest would always be at his friend’s house next door, and the middle brother had his own life to lead. Jacie was your average tomboy, they had known each other for years. Meeting at age 5 and going through 11 years of school like peas in a pod. They got their first grazed knees

The Retired Headmaster and the Schoolgirl

two rough areas of the city.Near the footbridge across the river there is a path which leads through a council estate to the city so I thought I would go through and have a coffee at some nice place in the town.My attention was suddenly diverted by a very slim young half-caste teenager. She seemed upset and I thought, though was probably

Beauty is Only Skin Deep - The Revenge

used by us in any way we saw fit?”“John, after this afternoon I am yours and Denise’s. I loved what you did to me. It was the best sex I have ever experienced. I can feel that both of you love me. I would do anything not to lose that.”“Well Denise, what do you think shall we keep her or toss her out on her ass?” I asked.“John, she’s a keeper. We

Twenty Seven Minutes in Heaven

her bare thighs. She just imagined what she must look like. She was wearing a thousand dollar dress and she was on her hands and knees on a bathroom floor about to get fucked by a stranger! Looking back over her shoulder, she cast Zack her most slutty look as her ass seductively swayed back and forth. Come and get it, she cooed. Zack

The Office Mom

at her pussy, her hand slides into view.  My eyes move up to meet hers, and she has the sexiest look on her face.  I’m in heaven between her thighs, watching her rub her own pussy. She leans her head back slightly, and opens her mouth wide, never taking her eyes off me.  I can’t stand it any longer, so I take her hand in mine and gently pull it

The Education of Marnie: Part 3

Marnie stuffed the damp garment into my mouth. Smelling and tasting my grand-daughter brought me immediately to the edge. I mumbled a warning through the panties. Marnie got up, squeezed the base of my cock. "Not yet!" she said sternly. An evil smile broke out on her face. "Don't Morgan's panties taste good?""Mmmm hmmm," I nodded. I was both

The Mother In Law - Elle Chapter 3

road. Outside it was quiet, and the humidity was beginning to rise. The weather forecast was for a clear, but muggy day. He enjoyed the sensation of the warm air on his exposed skin, and he reached into his underwear with his right hand and pulled his dick out to see how that felt. It felt good, and he grew a little harder as he slowly played

Wake Up Call

told me to fuck myself while you fuck my ass, you fuck me deep and hard, but you want full control again, so you take the dildo off me and fuck my pussy with it, I am so close to coming again, and I am begging for a release and you need to come bad. You pull out of my ass, and pull the dildo as well and ram my pussy deep and hard with your rock

Beach Day

fact he was waiting for me to suck him let me know things were going to happen with Randy. I was glad to suck Ted's little boner knowing I had Randy's big one coming soon.It had been years since I had sucked men's cocks at the adult bookstore video booths. But it was like riding a bicycle. It felt kind of fun to give a gloryhole blowjob to my

Putting A Bitch In Her Place

spend it alone’Either way, whatever the case may be, he had to return home. Evan got all of his clothes back on and was hastily heading out the door.“Evan, wait!”He turned to Mia who had nothing but the blanket on.“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry that I wrecked your marriage…”“You weren’t the one who wrecked it…”Mia looked worried by that response. She

Total Woman Industries 02

quicker than her witty sales pitches. She liked working these shows and, despite his cerebral safaris, Jeffery really knew his product. She was intrigued by this concept car. She wanted to find out more about Jeffery and his car. Francine threw a pitch at Jeffery. ‘Let’s go get changed and get some dinner. I want you to tell me more about this

Island Of Desire Ch. 01

managed to trample on his feet and smack him in the face with her handbag. He was thankful that Nandi Airport was only another hour away, as he wasn’t sure how many more times he could deal with her clumsy exploits before snapping into a fit of anger. He had happily taken the aisle seat when she had asked as the aisle seat usually offered more

After the Picnic (part 8 of the Business)

her daydreaming was interrupted by the horse reaching his climax. His come blast caught her by surprise and blew her onto the floor of the trailer and squirted jizz all over her back and up turned skirt. What a mess she thought, its a good thing the picnic is over and only a knowing handful of guests were around the property. She unbound the

Wartime - France

was a telephone exchange in the centre of the town. It was guarded by a group of German soldiers and the women who worked there were managed by three German women one of whom was a very attractive woman, about forty years old, blonde, very Aryan. She came to the Doctor’s surgery one afternoon when I was acting as his nurse. She was complaining of

Sapphire’s Quest: Brothel

This is going to be interesting.Sapphire wasn't even sure if this creature had eyes so her sexy lingerie was irrelevant. She quickly removed it and sat on the bed with her legs spread wide open. Her client moved a little closer to her and waved its appendage between her thighs.Inside the creature's translucent body, there was another inner bulk

The Love of O

sheath. As he stared he saw those lips begin to take on their life and slightly twitch in expectation of what was to come.He leaned forward to take his face right up to her pussy and he inhaled deeply, absorbing her aroma and enjoying the knowledge of her expectancy. His nose nudged the light hair at the front of her pussy and he stroked it

The Chair

cold air over the wetness, causing the areola to pucker up to its tightest peak. Next, she feels something cold and hard sliding up her stomach. Something presses against each side of her pointing nipple, and then she feels pain as the nipple clamp is cinched down, trapping it firmly in place. His hands grab her other breast as he brings the

Lithuanian Wife and Cock Slut in London

almost as it I had outgrown my previous lust for multiple cocks. Pedro and I married when I was twenty-one, and we started trying to get me pregnant right away. By the time I was twenty-two, our son was born. We were busy adjusting to our lives as parents, and at the same time I was experiencing a much higher sex drive. I couldn’t stop thinking

Teaching Carol, Ch. 9

at least she was that night. She recognized Carol even in the dim light, walked up to her and immediately launched into a monologue about the movie she’d just seen. It was fortunate that Carol didn’t have to do much more than nod periodically, as I—the stranger sitting unacknowledged at her side, staring straight ahead and apparently lost in my

Escort Girls - Part I

lakes and marshes in the Sologne region, known for its hunting and fishing. The area is sparsely populated, but wealthy Parisians maintain country homes or hunting lodges, and it was at one of these that we arrived after 90 minutes travel. The building is a small chateau whose architecture proclaimed its construction in the late

The unexpected Ride home

This was driving my crazy lying there being groped, wondering what his next move was. I was determined to remain asl**p to him, but I was wanting him to do something else. I knew if he went into my knickers he would know I was in a state of sexual arousal, so anticipating that, I turned to face him, ever so quietly as not to draw attention to us

Vile - Chapter 9 - Sin

made her gasp in intensely genuine pleasure, her eyes rolling back as the savages fucked her like animals. Hot juices poured along the thrusting cock within the chamber girl's tender womanhood and dripped down to the floor, the second of her lovers drilling his huge dick so deep into her ass she was amazed it could even fit; it was almost enough

The Boys Locker Room

towards my knee and then gentlypressing his thumbs into the area of my knee that really made me scream. I immediately leaned back and gasped. He caughtme with his shoulder and said he was sorry. So he took offhis shoes and socks and got in the tub on the other side. Thistub was a tiny little stainless steel tub. Maybe 3 peoplecould soak legs or

Truth and Lies II

up her body, stopping at each of her nipples so he could gnaw, and chew on them. Cindy was almost screaming for his cock at this point. “Goddammit Dave, get your fucking cock inside my cunt right now,” she demanded. Dave finally did what he was told, and when their eyes met, he lined his cock up with her entrance, and plunged all eight inches

Voyeuristic Masturbation

to think. This past Friday, an event took place that I believe will interest you. It will be a short story, but a hot one, I hope. We’ve had record warmth for the month of March here. Some days last week reached the high 70’s, although today, Winter has returned. It’s a nice day to put on a cup of coffee and write a story. Every Friday, after my

Model turns slut - 11

Bull thought for minute and sure enough had the solution. He came out from behind the bar carrying what look like some sort of pump. Actually it was some sort of penis enlarger. It was a pump that had a clear tube to insert your cock and a plunger that when pulled would suck on your cock in an attempt to stretch it longer. It even worked good as

Chances Ch. 03

been in love with you since the divorce. You more than took care of me, you denied yourself and even dropped out of school temporarily to take care of me that’s something a parent does not the child. Remember when we used to sleep together and you would hold me, I never wanted that to end but I had to be realistic.’ ‘But we still have our Tuesday

Family stud – A son steps up to the plate when his mother needs him

me tocall her Joan, as Aunt Joan made her feel old.Joan was wearing short shorts and a halter, and as werode along, I was sitting in the middle, between herand Mom. As Joan’s bare leg pressed against my thigh, Icould not control the messages that were going from mybrain to my cock and before long, my pants weresporting a noticeable bulge, but I

The Interrogation

as he entered the dungeon. I have a little sitting area where two club chairs are positioned opposite one another. Lloyd walked straight to one of the chairs and sat down. I followed, unsure what had changed the energy of our meeting. “Different? How different?” I tried not to feel insulted, but “different” suggested that what we’d done before

Jeanine - Part Three

that there were degrees of being restrained, from completely tied up to a loose fitting restraint that would allow her to get free if she had to. “Ever wore a blindfold during sex?” “Nope.” “How about group sex?” “You mean with two guys?” “Two guys, another girl and a guy, more than two guys…” “I’ve been with two guys in the same room. It just

The Nightgown

slightly as his excitement brings him to full awakening. Bodies pressed closely, shoulders to knees, pressing me to sit in his lap as we lay in our bed. His right arm draped around my waist, keeping me close, corseting me as his fingers tuck underneath between mattress and my curves. Opening my eyes the numbers quickly in view…3:23am. Smiling

Black Arrow Lord Ch. 03

He held it up and pointed out the recurved portions. ‘These are to allow more draw weight while keeping the depth of the bow more shallow.’ Then there were questions about the arrows . He wanted to say that his arrows were the longest ones there and would allow for his size and the length of his arm in a full draw, but he thought that must be

Bookstore Meeting

said I was about to cum, he stopped and said not yet. He lay on the bed and patted the space next to him. I looked at that dick of his and licked the tip. Rob said that is what he needed. I tried to fit the thing in my mouth but I could only suck it down halfway. As I was sucking him, he started rubbing my back and ass. He told me to spread my

Jessicas Fantasy Roast – Part 1 of 4

the ultimate fuck. When will you do me? she asked with hopeful eyes, Tomorrow, I was hoping to have to for a little fun tonight before you go Gene replied returning her hopeful gaze. Jessica looked into Genes eyes and without saying a word took his hand into her own and they walked to the bedroom in silence, once inside Jessica jumped onto

Dressed To Kill Ch. 10

‘Do you want some of this?’ questioned Julia as she took a break from feasting on Mark’s cock. ‘Definitely!’ exclaimed Noella as she loosened Marks grip on her nipple. Deftly she slid off her flats then unzipped her jeans which she quickly slid off, leaving her dressed only her sheer French knickers. This seemed to indicate to Julia that she

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 36

went dry and I held Jennifer close against me. ‘So who was the father?’ I asked quietly. Anna and Vholes looked at each other. ‘Only rumor, ‘ they said in unison. The baby burped loudly and Anna laid him in her lap. He gurgled at her, his tiny fists waiving in the air. ‘Oh, he’s such a little fighter!’ Anna cooed, batting at his little fists with

To Late to Talk About It

showing her love for her children. Jonathan drove first to his parents’ house. He told his parents that the children would be coming to stay with them after school. He asked his Mom and Dad to raise them just as good as they had raised him. They were confused. Jonathan reassured them that he loved them and that his children loved them and would

Road To Ruin

hard. I played with his head – circling my fingers around the circumference and sliding them up and down his shaft. He rolled to his side facing me. I knew what that meant and slid under the covers.Soon I felt his tip touch my lips like the night before. He pushed and I accepted his cock like this was its natural resting place. It found its way

‘Out’ in the Big City-Part One Big H

next to his giant size man meat. And that’s when Big Hank took control. ‘Turn around!’ he ordered. ‘Since your already properly naked I take it you know the drill. Now bend over spread your cheeks and prepare to take it like a man!’ People ask me if the first time it hurts to get it up the poop shoot. To be honest I couldn’t feel my ass from the

Losing It

of his jacket and placing them on the bedside table.“Was me saying yes a foregone conclusion?” I grin.“Well, if you’d have said no, I’d come back after I taken you home, get pretty drunk and stayed here overnight,” he jokes, pulling me towards him.“On your own?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.“I've paid for a night's stay. Besides, I've never slept in

Angel & Naughty: The Hotel Ch 03

off my face, my arms, falling over her. Im cumming, Im cumming-oh god! Lisas orgasmic grunts and the wet, slopping sounds of sex clouded the room like a sinful fog. Lisa burst, and I felt her cum, shaking uncontrollably, completely surrendered, alone and yet together, with me, seized by the momentous instant in time when all things fail to stop,

Long Day at Work Part 2

then turned my head so I could kiss him. We licked each others tongue a bit and I started to taste his saliva again. After a little making out I pushed him backwards onto the bed. As he lied there with his shirt open and a big smile on his face, he noticed he had a massive hard on through his dress pants. I got up from the bed and picked up his

Beginning Again

it, ‘Ms. Lee M*******, PHD.’ it said. Nothing else. I was a bit concerned, living in a Casino hotel room struck me as likely to be cramped. It wasn’t. We walked in, and I looked around. Good Lord! The living room and lounge area would easily hold the main floor of my house back in the Portland outskirts. There is a full bar, a hot tub, sauna, 3

Asian Student Becomes Asian Master

me, only they were masters of it, rather than slaves to it.I placed an add, and the first room I let went to a Taiwanese student named Yu Ka. He was a quiet very still man, about my own height of five-feet-seven-inches but built whipcord lean like a swimmer or fencer. Where I had the broad shoulders and hips of generations of Viking and peasant

True Love Never Goes Away Ch. 09-11

Melanie looked at the clock. ‘An hour ago,’ Melanie told her father who smiled. ‘I see how far you guys got,’ he teased. Melanie blushed as the blanket slipped revealing her breasts. Jack shook his head again. ‘I know you guys are married, but I really didn’t need to see you having sex with my baby girl,’ Jack told Jason. Jason chuckled and

The letter part 2

wouldn't have found me even if you were looking for me. I disappeared from home shortly after that message, I went sort of MIA. I had joined the carnival and was traveling the US with them for a while and let myself go. I wanted nothing to do with anything from my past or anyone for that matter, not even family. You wonder how I found you, well I

Intimate Secrets

it out. He felt nervous but yet excited at being touched by a woman again, but had no clue what to expect or ask for. He was greeted by an attractive woman with ebony skin and jet-black hair that cascaded down to her mid back. She wore a white top and shorts and Alex quickly admired her toned legs. She introduced herself as Jewel and led him to

Neighborly Relations

fuck me." Before she'd finished he was inside her, his first deep thrust taking her breath away. Carolyn wrapped her legs around Mark's lean hips, meeting his powerful thrusts and clawing at his back. Carolyn's fears about their age difference evaporated as Mark drove his cock into her over and over. His sexy grunts and groans clearly indicated

On The Mound

to get fucked again.“Mmmm,” I moaned, as the people around me were oblivious to what I was doing. Damn that coach for taking my pleasure away. Since when does that old man come above my physical needs? “Yes!“ I screamed as Hideki struck out his first batter. I slipped two fingers inside my hot cut and finger fucked myself silently under the


just two guys getting together for a drink or a coffee. Well, this had never happened to Martin before! If he did ever get to the stage of arranging a meeting it was always done within the confines of a strictly detailed scenario, involving the clothes he was to wear, the time of arrival, there would be the open door, he would enter, stand in the

My Girlfriend's Sister

just as Kelly came out with a towel around her. "Ooh, luckily you weren't a few steps earlier. The bathroom was totally unlocked." she giggled. Is that a come on?I go into the bathroom to freshen up and after I come out from the shower, the steam seems to carry a familiar scent. It is the same as the one I smell on Kelly all the time.

Southern Hospitality Ch. 02

the thought of being away from him stung, how quickly had she fallen into lusting after him? Was it more than lust? She shook her head, denying it to herself.Ash, chipper, made from the house, glancing around as if there would be people watching surreptitiously to catch him in the act of some nefarious deed. He walked with a brisk pace, until he

Hitch Hiking in Germany

have anything to do, go to the end of the drive way and stick out you thumb. Seek adventure. I never took his suggestion. My brother did. He ended up in a mountain campground in the Pennsylvania hills. Had the time of his life. Got laid, got drunk, got in a fight and got his ass kicked. He still talks about it as the best week-end of his life. I

Dreams Do Come True

bra and all of my clothes and jump on top of him. I'd have sex with him. I'd be on top. Fucking him hard taking his cock into my tight sixteen year old pussy. I'd fuck him until I was so tired that I'd pass out.All of these thoughts and still no phone call. I lay in bed unsatisfied and yearning for my fantasies to be reality. I than started

First Time For Everything

and turned it on high. AAAAAHHHH! Amy screamed. Im gonna taste you first. Amy just nodded, before slowly pulling her cheeks apart, and revealing her pucker rectum to Daffney. Who just smiled and placed her lips to Amys ass, and began leaving little kisses on and around the soft area. MMMMHHH! Amy bit down on her bottom lip. Daffney grinned

Good Luck Charm

sitting still. She was sitting in the passenger seat of Carter’s car, a place she had become well acquainted with in the past three months they’d been dating. But this was different. She glanced sideways at him. He kept a complete poker face, staring straight at the road ahead, one hand on the wheel, even remembering to check his mirrors. She, on

Winter Wonders

claim another for the grim reaper, and gently placed her on the chair in front of the fireplace. Without a word she started to lower the hood and he caught his breath watching a raven haired beauty emerge. Her eyes were green, her neck elegant and inviting. She smiled as she removed her gloves revealing long slender fingers. He felt as if time

Day of Reckoning 1st BCT

While the enemy was in shock, Major Kalandro Digma and his infantry troops approached from the flanks. ‘Boxer APC units support the infantry while the CFV’s and the tanks take care of the armored vehicles.’ Kalagiman informed his men. The two MARS missile launcher systems kept up their barrage of deadly missiles in support of the infantry while

Adam and Andrea

yes, she had said that she loved to suck cock, and she missed Jake. During the rest of the day he had thought about asking his step-sister about that, how it was to suck cock. In the end he hadn't since she most likely would have freaked out and told him to mind his own business. Andrea was two years older than Adam and was a senior. She was to

Change Can be Good (chapter 3)

under her t-shirt and jeans, the two bulges of breasts that had somehow become strangely alluring recently. Kath caught her sister staring, a nice juxtaposition, and smiled.“I’m gonna go do some dishes, Vi. Can you feed and water the birds?”They agreed on their chores. Before she got up, Kathleen reached over and grasped the shape of Violet’s

A Trip To Remember

our tent and head upstate, to a beautiful and serene spot me have choosen, right in the mountain country. During this time of year it is lovely up there, as the flowers and trees are just coming into full bloom, and the cool maintain breezes feel refreshing and invigoring, making hiking or walking through nature trails most enjoyable. We usually

Vanessas Anniversary Dinner

up, it was love at first sight. We have been dating for a month now. Tonight is, our one month anniversary. He is taking me to a new Italian restaurant in town. I picked out a black dress, black lacy bra and black thong. I had a Brazilian wax a few days ago, in case we have sex. I am so excited to be with Mark. I am just wondering, if we will

Jordan Ventures into the Dark World of Bondage, Pain and Sex Alone - Part One

medicine that will stop the choking. It will take affect rapidly. You should be able to take all of him in but it will also wear off rapidly. Hold him deep as long as you can. We will repeat this process until you can do it without the spray. You are going to need this skill so try very hard.”The spray was cold and I could feel my throat become

The Fucking Welcome Wagon

of pizza left over from the feast I provided the delivery boys that have trooped in and out of my house for the last few days. Finally, I settle on the couch with a stack of briefs to wade through, while I dread…er…anticipate the arrival of the neighborhood Welcome Wagon. At 7:00 on the dot, the bell rings. I walk to the door, expecting a handful

Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch. 03

Lara grinned as she threw Ryan’s words back at her. ‘I still don’t understand the problem there.’ ‘I told you.’ Ryan stretched and sat back down on the couch. ‘I don’t want to compete with sports for someone’s attention. It’s that simple.’ ‘Yet you’re watching the game.’ ‘Yeah, so?’ Ryan shrugged. ‘Besides, he said he’d come see us at GW. If he’s

My Neighbor

ball sack was slapping my body with each thrust. Todd began breath heavy. I knew it wouldnt be long before he came. Please dont cum in me. Please pull out. I dont want to get pregnant. Todd ignored me and kept pumping away. Damn, youre too tight, I cant hold back. I am going to pump you full of my cum. Get ready Amy I havent gotten off in weeks.

lover of the moon

mom and dad wer sleeping in the room next to mine. within moments i was bracing for the sweet release of an orgasm, the cum came in jets adn let out a long holw of pleasure. i soon grew angry at gabriel for abandoning me. the month flew by and i was sitting on the dock when i heard a twing snap i turned expecting to see gabreil standing behind

A Well Deserved Break

I arrived and checked-in in the evening and just had dinner in my room to relax. The next day I was up early and out by the pool to get in some laps before it got too crowded. After a few hours the lounge chairs started to fill up. I wasn’t really looking for someone to heat up my bed at night, but couldn’t help noticing a few hot MILF’s around


still on and I heard the small heater going in the corner. I looked over and Julia had her jacket off, had kicked her boots off and was sitting on the couch."Come here. You can have some too," she giggled.I sat down and have to admit, taking a drink; the stuff she had in the fridge was pretty damn good.We sat there drinking a bit, and she started

Secretarial Duties 4 – Entertaining a Client

now you’re getting horny from giving a blow-job to a man you don’t even really know.” When Kobayashi-sama was fully erect, he again pulled his cock out of her mouth. This time, he stepped behind her legs and guided his hard cock to her swollen, wet vaginal lips. Grasping her hips, he slowly pushed his cock into her. Equally slowly, he then

Taken In Darkness

with Phil Rennet, there was a sense of freedom. Eight months ago, she had discovered his so ardent desire for her was being shared out with at least two other women, the bastard. He wasn't that great a lover, anyway. Too quick, too concerned about his own pleasures.Before Phil, there had been Jack, who moved away to Italy, even his easy charm had


“You don’t carry condoms?” she said. “You should always carry condoms. You never know when you’ll need them.” “Well, you didn’t tell me I would need them,” I said. Next time I’ll bring a fucking dozen. I admit, I was relieved. I climbed off her and got up. She eyed my cock. “You don’t need a rubber if you fuck my ass,” Audrey said, rather

My Friends Sister

over, it looked as though she was going to scream but didn't. Then as fast as it all happened she reached down and pulled the covers back up over her and rolled on her side. I walked away at that point to go wake up my friend. I woke him up and walking by her window again she had not moved. Not thinking about it much after that I waited

Romancing the Ravishing Redhead

her eyes. ‘I wonder if you’ll say that when this hurricane huffs and puffs, and blows your cottage down. And we drown. Oh my dear God, we are going to die!’ And she cried even louder, and began to tremble. He realized she was getting hysterical and knew he had to take her mind off their predicament. ‘Sarah, would you like something to eat?

Red Light, Green Light

giving me a slight headache. I glance over as he punches the horn again. ‘We are already thirty minutes late for our reservation, Shadow,’ he grumbles as we slowly creep along the freeway. ‘Well then you might as well calm down. It might make this go tens time faster,’ I sigh and stretch my legs out on the dashboard, my black chiffon dress

The Dance, Chapter seven

like girls too Lenny, I might only be sixteen, but I've had sex with a girl before I met you," she said hurriedly and shrugged the blouse off her shoulders. Her beautiful young breasts bulged enticingly over the skimpy little sling bra, and she giggled again."Come on then, get your clothes off, I can tell you the rest in bed."Ever obedient, I did

Fantasy Stripper

in my head. As I look around I start to see shapes and movement. The loud banging is starting to become more of a rhythm, it’s music! It’s loud thumping music, I could hear it blaring through some speakers. I can start to see the faint shapes of other people sitting around tables. This place is so foggy and dark, where could I be? I was quickly

My Wife and her Best Friend Lay a Trap...Part 2

and spurt past my swollen cock! J screamed with joy! I felt the hot liquid spray my balls and the insides of my thighs. I knew that Jenny was getting doused by her girlfriend’s liquid passion and that made the whole experience that much hotter! “Yum, Yummm, YUMMM,” I heard Jenny exclaim. “OH J! Your cum is so sweet!” she yelled! “I love it, give


it on her ass hole. She tightens her ass hole feeling my touch on it.I moved my finger from her leaking pussy to her ass hole to apply some more lubricant on her ass hole.Meantime, she was eating my pussy and inserted her tongue in to my pussy tunnel, doing tongue fucking to me. Her hands were moving on my bums. I put my middle finger on her ass

Sex In School

you?’ She shakes her head and takes off my shirt. She bites down hard on my shoulder drawing some blood. I gasp in ecstasy. She licks the wound and starts kissing me again. The sweet taste of my blood in her mouth turns me on even more, so I flip her over onto her back and start taking off her mini-skirt. Now she is laying on the desk in nothing